We need more diagnostic tools

Sep 1, 2021

My comment is mainly about the ship designer, but perhaps some points could be taken up on an already deployed ship.

In SSC, it would be nice to have:
  • The position of the center of mass and the center of thrust should be given with XYZ info.
    Now you have only the colored square and when working on big ship it become hard to align both

  • Being able to know if an engine is connected to the propellant network.
    It is already more or less possible to know if a motor is connected by going into test mode. For the forward and backward engines it is easy, when it comes to diagnosing the twisting engines it becomes a bit more tricky.

  • Knowing the current total mass of you ship.
    The only way to know the current mass actually is to select all your element and sum via the property tool the weight of every element one by one knowing they mass.
    The mass is important to know, so you can calculate how many thrust your ship need for the speed you want to reach.
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Active endo
Aug 10, 2021
I agree with all of this, I've had to find workarounds and it's a major nuisance.

CoM/Thrust you can find how lined up it is by measuring thruster outputs in testflight, total mass you can get in test flight by trying to pick the whole ship up, and as you say testflight for seeing if an engine is actually thrusting. It's painful to find those things right now.

I'd like to be able to click a part for more info (like warp class and things) too, there's even less info on that than before (not a major though, like the others), but I feel that needs another level of colour - red for problems, yellow for warnings and white for info, there's a lot of stuff that's just informational in the yellow boxes right now.


Veteran endo
Jun 11, 2021
Also: network continuity. WTB continuity tester for pipes and cables. Cables isn't so bad; you can jury-rig a continuity tester with a display once you have power in the loop, but you have to go into Test mode, and that shouldn't be necessary. But pipe networks are a bear to diagnose.
May 25, 2022
Hi! I agree with a continuity tester for pipes, cables, and ducts. I spent 1400 hours on the game and probably 80% of those on the designer; testing is so time-consuming -leaving aside the frustration of having to review all because of an unnoticed mistake.
Maybe ducts can report issues as beams do?


Veteran endo
May 16, 2020
ill add to this

visual representation of the ore collectors (like we see with the thrusters)
the test flight mode is a not real environment, can we have the asteroids be a solid as to test mining systems on?
there is a module folder with premade modules, can we get the EBM items in a folder list too? (EBM SSC) you already have the parts.
mirror option for building would be amazing!

the SSC is the best tool this game has, but it could be soo much better!

o and please for the love of god please don't change how rotating parts works, i hate the open world rotation scroll mouse shift thing soo bad!


Jun 15, 2020
a list of thrusters with their role in steering the ship
sub layers
the power produced and consumed
make it easier to find the weakest elements
Sun glasses
May 25, 2022
Ha! I found some sunglasses! I just realized that there's a "camera" menu on top, where you can adjust "Ambient Light Illuminance" I set the first one on zero and the second on the middle and it helps A LOT in my case.