Yolol code protection


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Apr 5, 2021
I have been developing some yolol projects

Eg. This blackjack table

I have had requests to buy copies

But I have to refuse to sell them at all, because someone could just pull the chips and copy all the code

The blackjack table alone took like 20 hours, it's made of 54 yolol chips with complex chip queuing.

I'm doing texas holdem poker mow and it's an even larger project.

But there is no way to sell it with it being so easily copied. Sell it once and the buyer can just copy out the code, and make their own.

Even the bp protection system that's coming wont protect yolol copying.

When the real value of a creation is the code itself, not the ship or mechanics, a bp systems offers no protection.

Are there any plans for yolol protection like the bp sales system, where the yolol chip is locked and impossible to view the code?
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