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    Capital Ships FAQ

    Don't wory! Just avoid safezones and have fun ;)
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    Make all cap ships safety fields dynamic

    I think that all safety field discussions are premature. We don't even know the siedge and CS-combat mechanics yet.
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    Capital Ships FAQ

    And I also think that capital ships shall be built on specialized stations. And only on them. Maybe unique resources from certain moons will give uniquie benefits to capital ships.
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    Ore Filters & Dispensers

    Great idea! And SE fans will appreciate it. Improvement: Intake filter. Forbids the ore-consuming block to suck in ores, unwanted by the player. Why poop with bad ores if you can just not let them in? Dream: create a way to accelerate the waste ore chunks to 1200-1500 m/s and bring doom to the...
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    YOLOL-rack is too physical.

    - I like your idea about programmator (IDE-terminal) as a separate block. Maybe a special body part or a tool is even better. - The idea of "template chips" however is controversial. Why buy thmplate chip if you can have a text file on your computer? What happens if you loose the chip? What if...
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    YOLOL-rack is too physical.

    I didin't suggest a "primary core", whatever that means. 1. The script library is a part of the player's profile, not the ship. Because players will have them anyway. By saving their scripts to text files or something. Why not make it an ingame mechanics. I's more handy and reduces the number of...
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    YOLOL-rack is too physical.

    To fully understand what I mean - watch the video. It's over 4 hours and in russian :) But the problem is understandable without words. The poor guys spend as mauch time trying to catch the chip and stick it into the rack as on writing the script. Sometimes having a programmable chip is fun...
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    Since this is a game about mecs (a.k.a. endos). I think becoming a MEC may be a nice endgame goal. Like all this mining/building/socializing was for one purpose: becoming Optimus Prime. :) But using the mec-form should be limeited somehow. Maybe the suits should require some rare and expensive...
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    Invisible bolsts

    I think the ships will look much more futuristic and smooth without bolts being visible all the time. Especially the ones that hold the glass panels. So my suggestion is: make bolts visible only when durability/bolting/construction mode is enabled. P.S. @Kenetor says he likes this idea.