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    Mining drones + auto-discovery with YOLOL

    near. I assume that if you create a large ship, you can make 2-4 small ones that can detach and dock. These ships will automatically, upon command, analyze the asteroid and extract a resource from it with a mining laser. But so far, that in the YOLOL I do not see such an opportunity.
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    Mining drones + auto-discovery with YOLOL

    Welcome all. Elite Dangerous shows many mining options. But so far, according to the streamers, I found only manual mining. Are there plans to automate this process?
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    Start mining activity improvement

    I would add a procedure for generating chunks with a denser number of asteroids and/or larger asteroids. Then there is a sense in your idea.
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    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 20 (2020)

    I can’t speak for everyone, but I also participate in game dev. As a systems engineer, I would like to test and possibly lay some foundations for the game at this early stage. Of course, they can vary greatly from what the developers plan. But I would like to believe that my participation will...
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    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 20 (2020)

    look very good almost every time. I can't wait for start testing it.
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    Hype thread!

    I spent more than 200 hours with a friend at Empyrion Galactic Survival Looks like we found what we dreamed about at Starbase. Unfortunately Closed alpha test stops us :) We hope we get a letter of happiness.
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    Ship blueprints

    I suppose the best solution, so that the same type of ships does not breed, is to create drawings and use a virtual vice-rector If you want to create the same type of work, use a mock-up hangar in which you can create a drawing and a hangar for a 3D printer for your drawings. Using such a...
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    What is your ambition for the game?

    I have similar goals with the topic starter and other participants. But if the game allows, I would like to mine ore, smelting and making parts for ships. To produce for sale and build titans for my corporation.
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    Hi. I am CHAMPLOO

    Hey. I am CHAMPOO I have been watching this project for a long time and am very glad that alpha has begun. I will participate in PVE events with you and create the first global scale mining corporation :)