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    Anyone think large scale warfare will happen in star base?

    The game is not complete yet. Radiation detection mechanics, which will enable detection of ships from long distances, are scheduled for Q4 on the roadmap (after station sieges, which is another feature intended to facilitate large-scale PvP).
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    blueprints from closed alpha?

    My closed alpha blueprints were still stored under %AppData%\Roaming\Starbase\blueprints when I checked. There were two folders under \blueprints, one of which contained the blueprints from the current version of the game and the other the ones from closed alpha. I was able to rename closed...
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    PTU Update 17 August 2021 (PTU Build 556)

    People aren't using high-end fighters yet - they can pack a lot more firepower per player than a guy on a tripod does. People jumping miners for giggles isn't the real test of tripods' combat viability - when station sieges are added and factions start to pour resources into their warfleets...
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    PTU Update 17 August 2021 (PTU Build 556)

    This is suggested a lot, but it amounts to removing multi-crew ships as a viable option for ship-to-ship combat. Closed alpha proved that mounting weapons on the turntable turrets is not good enough, as they suffer from hard-to-fix networking and physics issues.
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    Repurpose closed alpha server for a limited size unreleased update build

    They have a test server already, they just didn't end up using it much in Closed Alpha because deploying builds directly to the live server was less work. They plan to start using it more now since stuff breaking will be a bigger deal once the game is open to the general public and everything is...
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    Orbital Bombardment Possible? Dev and community question.

    I've heard rail movers were able to do that, though they're currently temporarily removed from the game until various physics issues related to them are fixed.
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    Can people at the stations, that were attacked, spawn ships?

    Capital ships and player stations will ultimately use the same system for ship storage.
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    Possible to conquer and take possession of stations/ships?

    Right now you can only claim ships if the previous owner has used the specific option to explicity forfeit ownership of them. Yes, flying ships owned by someone else is possible outside the safezone, but you'll lose control if you fly them into a safezone and if you manage to despawn them, they...
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    Possible to conquer and take possession of stations/ships?

    You can scrap other players' ships outside of safezones. You can't seize ownership of them yet, but support for it is planned. Likewise, seizing control of enemy stations is planned, but not implemented yet.
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    Space combat is primitive?

    In the game, ships slow down when not under thrust, so travel requires a continuous power drain. It's possible to run ships on battery power, but the power density of the batteries is pretty bad so it's not terribly viable for propulsion. The developers have indicated they want to have stealth...
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    Space combat is primitive?

    Currently, the only sensors available are single-point rays with limited range, so for the most part, detection is reliant on the eyeball mk1. Although there are plans for a radiation sensor that can detect ships that are carrying active reactors or certain rare ores from up to (in extreme...
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    Why wouldn't cap ships just mount thousands of torpedoes?

    I think the idea is that the torps will be able to reach their target so long as they stay within render range of somebody, not necessarily the firing capital ship. I am not familiar with the details of their hosting mechanics, though - I think projectile weapons have their range hardcapped to...
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    Is there still spaces open for Alpha testing?

    The devs still expect to invite people, according to their latest statements in Discord. But like I said, they're trying to get the updated new player experience implemented first if they can finish it in time. Massive invite waves before Early Access launch haven't been explicitly confirmed...
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    Is there still spaces open for Alpha testing?

    They're currently holding off on invites because they're reworking the new player experience, but there will probably be some big waves of invites for the alpha in order to stress-test the game prior to Early Access launch.
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    Question for your Yolo Programmers

    Yes, but the lack of efficient sensors in the game is an issue, and they will technically be small ships, which means they are limited to the same maximum speed as ships. There are torpedoes as a discrete weapon type, which can be directed using a laser designator and can use Yolol for guidance...