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    The Need For Pvp in current state of the game.

    Jesus chrisr format your messages. If you're gonna write a 2000 word essay, then don't get mald when people don't read it. If it takes time for someone to read, then don't waste their time by making it A) unreadable B) a waste of time to read because you ramble and don't care to make well...
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    Why are empire and kingdom at each others throats

    Dead thread but they aren't lol, just in case anyone happens to stumble across this thread
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    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 22 (2021)

    Solar panels for ships?
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    Griefing and social engineering policies

    While I agree with you that at least in full release, social engineering should be allowed, the important question is to ask whether Ville was saying this as a Starbase developer, or as a faction leader (as in they will declare such actions as crimes and take action in game).
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    To the people that got CA and those that haven't

    I'd say maybe 2 days max until someone finds xhalium (from start of EA reset), 2-4 weeks until someone has completed a basic station (max 1 week if you only count functionality), and that's about all the progression in the game. FB can not add all the necessary features, bug fixes, balance...
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    hardware requirements

    Minimum states merely having a processor is fine, but you'd want to have something that is good or okay. I've got both a garbage R9 380 gpu and an RTX 2060, and the difference between them is minimal. Lowering my monitor resolution also pretty much just decreases my fps. It seems that the game...
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    To the people that got CA and those that haven't

    i have 600 hours in starbase, around 500 in the past 6 weeks. 99% of that is spent in ship building. in other games, i enjoy combat, i enjoy grinding resources, i enjoy walking around, i enjoy making factories, etc etc. In starbase, building ships/programming yolol is the only thing i actually...
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    To the people that got CA and those that haven't

    what is in this game is not-user-friendly ship building and mind-numbingly boring mining. that is it. combat is really unenjoyable due to many missing features and bugs and bad mechanics/performance. station building is literally just afking for 20 hours, only the station owner can build a...
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    About the release date(not psychological pressure words

    The only finished gameplay loops are mining and ship designing, which have been pretty much finished since the start of CA. Station construction, economy, combat, manufacturing, and many other gameplay loops aren't even close to being finished or simply don't exist. EA is early access, but the...
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    About the release date(not psychological pressure words

    The game is not ready for early access. Way too many bugs, there's only one working gameplay loop, stations and lots don't really work, the economy doesn't really work, the performance is still garbage, infantry and ship combat don't work, ship creation is not user friendly at all, and it's not...
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    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 9 (2021)

    beeg thruster
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    Should possible weapons load be related to voxel volume, or ship mass?

    Maybe an extra fee, dependant on how much VV something is in the ssc, could reduce the usage of heavy fighters, even if they are meta. However, this would just make smaller crafts more price efficient than larger ones, which does not only include large fighters, but also multi-crewed ships.
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    Do headshots matter?

    That would suck imo. If endo armour simply added an armour value to the end part it is on, based on the material it is made out of, that would be great, I think. And if that armour would affect the movement speed or acceleration of the endo, again, based on the material which the armour is made...
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    Becoming a Space Ace in StarBase

    Most combat I've seen in Starbase actually has some form of obstacles or 'terrain'. Stations, asteroids, or wrecks of ships, these are some objects that can be used to manoeuvre around, if you are in a fight. I have very limited Starbase experience, but I once confused my enemy of where I was by...
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    Poll: Zoom

    I would love a zoom feature as either an interactable physical object which you can bolt on a ship (e.g. a telescope with tripod; fills your screen), or an upgrade to your endo. I like the idea of getting upgrades for you endo. Currently, the only reason to buy anything for your endo is...