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    Anyone start up a Git Hub watch page yet?
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    About locks on the YOLOL chips

    This solution will be patched out as soon as endos drop loot boxes on death (coming soon - confirmed by devs). Also, you all need to HUSH! I had plans to track down Archaegeo's ship and steal all of his YOLOL codes. Now look what you did... :LOL:
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    You can use my AutoGen 2.0 script that utilizes an "Override" button to force gens to run at 100% while mining. Or you can use it as inspiration to create your own solution. Check my GitHub repo link in my signature below. ;)
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    Ship version hash

    That is a good idea! Another idea would be to reduce such heavy dependence on peer-to-peer by using radius/intercept trajectories to load 2+ ships into an instanced server - just for that particular area of space, then switch back to player-hosted for any players that leave the area and...
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    Moon Belt Ymrium/Lukium distribution observation

    Ahh, I see what you mean now. Gonna have to add some more sciencing on my to-do list to figure this out haha
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    Easy Build Mode Makes Me Cry

    I'm imagining a scenario where you build a massive crane in space and when you load a blueprint into it, it pulls parts out of your supply ship and places them where they belong on the "grid" inside your hangar and/or station build area. How awesome would it be to see something like that in...
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    Suggestion to make the game more fun

    I'm sure that pvp will get better with cap ships and hopefully more pvp events in the future. Also, going purely on an educated guess here, but I don't think they really anticipated what opening the game to the public would do to their netcode so I'm sure that is a big potential reason for the...
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    Moon Belt Ymrium/Lukium distribution observation

    You should have a look at my Eos Ring Ore Guide in my signature below. I've meticulously mapped out each "zone" on that belt along the ISAN "z" axis near 0 on x and y. It was very time consuming figuring all of this out and I'm sure I've made a few mistakes/oversights which I plan to correct in...
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    Easy Build Mode Makes Me Cry

    While we're on this topic, I'd like to add that it would be nice to be able to choose a "default" mode for stations. Can't tell you how many times I've tried to make a ship upgrade/repair at a station and wasted my time because I didn't realize EBM was on by default. I know visibility changes...
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    Starbase Progress Notes: Week 38 (2021)

    Looking good! If I may though, I'd like to suggest colorizing the text and/or background of the "state" column for items that have progressed to a new state from the previous week. Keep up the great work!
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    Eos Ring Ore Guide UPDATE! (version 2.0)

    No problem, and thanks for sharing with your visitors! Hope the site sees much success!!
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    Eos Ring Ore Guide UPDATE! (version 2.0)

    Yup, that's mentioned in the description as "A+B" ;)
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    Eos Ring Ore Guide UPDATE! (version 2.0)

    Bumping this as I posted a link to this version in old thread which made it appear first and some people were getting confused...
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    New Eos Ring Ore Zones Graphic!

    New version just published! Be sure to check it out here: Or on Reddit:
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    Eos Ring Ore Guide UPDATE! (version 2.0)

    After receiving a lot of feedback from the previous version and deciding to take a trip out to zone 5 myself to precisely measure distances and confirm a lot of things you guys were telling me, I learned a lot about how the ring is structured and decided to update my recently released graphic -...