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  1. MinEPS

    Does anyone know of a MinEPS tutorial? I have the buzzard and I'm trying to do something about the lasers draining the batteries in seconds by adding a minimum generator rate when I'm out mining. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Ship Vouchers

    I would like the ability to modify/cancel my tickets as well. I was having a huge problem with the mining lasers on my maagnus, and after about 6 hours I submitted a refund ticket. After 2 days I got tired of waiting and spend another 4+ hours and 150k fixing the whole ship. 3 days after that I...
  3. Logging out in the belt?

    What happens if I log out in the belt, while still in the safe zone? Will my ship despawn? or will it be waiting for me when I log back in?
  4. Lock view in cockpit?

    Is there a way to lock you view in the cockpit to a certain spot? Like what the "c" button does, but without you arm coming up, or your mouse being used to steer?