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    All-encompassing armored ground warfare: A suggestion

    flying really close to the ground would be very dangerous, you and your ship would turn into a smear if anything went wrong
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    Ship speed, max speed and thruster spam

    There are no particles slowing people down in real space, but for performance reasons, the devs implemented space drag into the game, so you do actually need constant thrust to move, and the drag increases based on the mass of the ship (no aerodynamics though)...
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    Game is in desperate need of an actual map/starchart and points of interest.

    There is a player made GPS system and starmap, using YOLOL. ISAN was made in alpha but I don't know if it has been tuned for the different universe and station points in EA yet. EDIT: here you go
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    Can I make a 2nd account

    If you get another steam account and buy the game again, you can.
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    Research + Crafting Progression Values WAY too high

    Personally I think that they could tune the grind down a little bit. So I think that if they want to encourage people to specialise, they should lock off sections of the tree if others are unlocked, meaning you will have to go to other people if you want higher tier stuff that you haven't...
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    Thoughts about PeerToPeer (P2P)

    What do you mean? I don't think you understand how YOLOL works.
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    Cameras/Monitors/Video Feed/Communication Devices/Microphone/speakers etc...

    You could just stream on real Twitch or YouTube bro. Also, cameras for ships have been a very contentious topic, though there is a general agreement between the more experienced players that they shouldn't be implemented (from what I've seen).
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    THE space combat solution: radiation based "auto turrets" This thread is obsolete and to be ignored.

    I kinda skimmed over those points lmao. I'm not really a YOLOL person so I don't know exactly what faster line reading could benefit. But I can see more lines, which are read faster being very useful for the people who know how to use YOLOL, so I'm excited on their behalf.
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    THE space combat solution: radiation based "auto turrets" This thread is obsolete and to be ignored.

    I don't think they are the same person, Aha is using a lot more capitalized words than Neva did, they just have the same ideas and the same poor spelling.
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    THE space combat solution: radiation based "auto turrets" This thread is obsolete and to be ignored.

    Chipping in here. How does not having something to aim for you break your immersion? And boiling down the points made by the others: - Autoturrets as you suggest them would not change the meta, fighters will still dominate and larger ships would be even harder to use. - Fighters will just...
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    Space combat is primitive?

    Maybe running without an engine could reduce your radiation footprint, making your warship look like a tiny little miner, similar to how some navy boats shape themselves to make their fully armed battleships look like tugboats on radar.
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    Space combat is primitive?

    A radar that detects reactor radiation is coming soon, so this will actually be a thing. However, space jelly will stop anyone from just coasting while being invisible, but I'm pretty sure that you can just run off of battery power to not emit any signals, using the near-invisible maneuver...
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    Manual Beam Welding - Requesting feedback on a design suggestion for replacing attachment plates

    There are a few very thin plates in the game, they aren't particularly strong but they should get the job done if you just want thin components on ships and a bit more detail.
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    Game Price?

    The estimates I've heard have put it around 25-35 dollars. However, the release is right around the corner, so you can see real soon!
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    Starbase engineering vs Real-world engineering

    The reason you are getting errors is because the stress system does not have stress for single objects, only breaks between two objects or cuts can dismantle a ship, so since long beams don't break on their own, they'll be stronger than many short beams since there are no breaks for the beam to...