1. XenoCow

    Letter to the Devs: Gunship Event & Player Behavior

    Dear Frozenbyte Developers / Community Managers, I am very grateful for the opportunity you have given me to participate in the alpha so that I may help to shape the game and make sure it becomes as awesome as it can be. The combat events are a tool that you use to gather data on the game, but...
  2. XenoCow

    Request to CA Players: Please Update the Ore Section of the Wiki

    To help players, both in and out of the CA, may those who have access update the ore section of the wiki to include pictures? Here is a link to the page: Materials Wiki Page. Also, there are plenty of other pages that need some love like the Spaceships Page which does not include many of the...
  3. XenoCow

    Quickplay Mode: Or How to Retain Players that Don't Have the Patience for the Main Game

    Preface: This topic very likely has been discussed before, but I can't seem to find any dedicated threads on it. After watching a few of the videos that were released by CA members I seem to getting this impression of players not enjoying the grind so much in the early part of the game. Keep...