1. Diezer

    capital ship part problem

    i make all my capital ship part in origin 27 but can't scrap or carry,drop the item ty for help
  2. Ross

    What's the best way to get the XP points to expand my crafting trees?

    I'm wondering what the best ways to get all 4 xp types are. The Build, Power, Combat and Machinery points are what I'll be calling them because I have no idea what they're called Build (Red) Power (Yellow) Combat (Blue) Machinery (Purple) What's the best way to get each one?
  3. Import blueprints to PTU

    Is there any way I can import any of my blueprints from the live branch? Id like to explore the moon but dont want to spend the time building a ship drom scratch with a fast travel device and I didnt have any luck looking in the ship shops for a premade, any advice in either importing blueprints...
  4. FcuMcu wont connect properly

    I'm trying to build a ship, and i'm pretty sure everything is connected, pipe and wire wise atleast, and the thrusters are named and is getting data, but the fcumcu values are staying zero and won't connect so I can't control my ship. any advice?
  5. Why are not all of my thrusters are working?

    I am working on a ship it has 32 triangle thrusters, 15 box thrusters, and 15 maneuver thrusters. From what I have read, you can name triangle thrusters the same so long as they are attached to one another. So they are only taking up 8 slots in my MFC. I have used custom naming and the game's...
  6. Unbuildable Area within my SafeZone Station, station modules refuse to be placed anywhere.

    With the last update my secondary station has lost most of it's factory hall systems, and my primary station is still unbuildable is there any fixes for this? I spent about 6 hours getting this station orientated with my origin station, above the belt, I just want this to be a working buildable...
  7. Archivist

    Community Resources

    I am taking Starbase off my list of priorities until more information on development is released. I will continue to post upcoming events and update the spreadsheet when able, however will not be posting monthly highlights any further, in part because of how little there is to display...
  8. Everthing on this ship works Except you can't control it from the Pilot Chair?

    Title says it. Preface: All lever work thier corrisponding thruster. I can manuver the ship perfectly fine with just the levers. When I sit in the Pilot chair none of the hotkeys work. FAQ: Everything cabled correctly? Yes, Even pressing U on the Pilot chair gives a data stream showing its...
  9. That1dude64

    ship designer thruster/engine problems

    so ive started working on a ship in the ship designer and for some reason i have connected the thruster togather all corecetly but for some reason it wont move my best guess is that the engine isn't and that leads me to my question how do i turn on my engine should it just auto turn on if i have...
  10. That1dude64

    looking on how to make thrusters work in easy build mode

    so ive built some teir 1 thruster with all the necery parts (not inculding the hard point) and trying to make them power how do i make it turn on. im in easy build mode so im not sure if i can do it in that mode if i cant then how would i turn my ship into a blue print for the ship desginer if...
  11. Bolshenose

    Help making a name

    So I've made a pirate faction, focusing on stealing ships and such, generally just being pirates. I can't settle on a damn name and im getting sick of trying to think of a good enough one to stick with. First I had it as Bleeding Skull, me and some others decided it wasn't great, so then after a...
  12. Simulator Haven

    Save Our Ships [SOS]

    SAVE OUR SHIPS Working to make your bad days good again We are a fully neutral non-profit organization dedicated to Search and Rescue throughout the Starbase game. Anyone can join, and anyone can help! We have many projects in the works, to make our rescue system efficient, and we have a...