1. Sejd

    Asteroid Hauler over BUILDING BUDGET when hauling asteroids!!!???

    ARE YOU NUTS DEVS? I have made a ship that's in like 2/3 to be maxed in building budget. The ship is specifically designed to haul three T10 asteroids with great range and speed. I have built the ship for 4.6 milion credits total, I have went to the asteroid belt and when I loaded the 3rd...
  2. Sejd

    Ship steers like crazy but only when accelerating, its all good when flying.

    So, basically i dont understand whats happening. I have built myself an asteroid hauler, the Centre of Mass and Centre of Thrust are perfectly in line. When i test the ship in the Test Mode inside Ship Designer it accelerates perfectly straight. When i buy the ship and accelerate its also...
  3. MaxFry

    Полный обзор на корабль MEGANEURA MK2 - Лакшери Грузовой-майнер (+ Разбор принта)

    Видео обзор на корабль MF MEGANEURA MK2: Фото: Верфь: MF Класс: Dragonfly Модель: MEGANEURA Модификация: MK2 Назначение: Пассажира-грузовые перевозки и майнинг Грузовых мест: 300 Пассажирских мест: 6 Кресло пилота: 1 Двигателей: 42 Скорость (100 метров): 1.15 секунд Объём бака: 26 000 000...
  4. Jenkins

    entering and exiting EBM to fast Deletes Ship

    i lost over 70h of progress in the form of 2 ships items and ore when you enter and exit easy build mode to fast the ship gets removed and deleted from ship list im done playing i have no ship i cant spawn a new laborer and i got no materials left because i used them on the second ship that got...
  5. My ship can't move

    Hi ! I have bought a new ship ( the Trident (Tier 1) ), yesterday he work well the entire day but today my ship don't do anything, I can't move it but I don't understand because my rods are full , batteries and propellant too, I doesn't mod it or change anything. Someone can help me please, i'm...
  6. Sven Drunken Heart

    YOLOL Virus/Corruption Game Play

    I looked in this forum but I didn't see any mention of this idea. I know that this idea won't be universally beloved, but I would like to share it anyways. I think that malware related game mechanics would be very interesting. I'll put my rough ideas below, and thank you to the few who take the...
  7. Yeetboi03

    Can i build a ship that can split into two?

    a question just popped up in my head. would it be possible to make a small ship, then copy-paste it next to each other, and connect them with only one or two beams. then you could install a weapon that if fired, takes out the beams, and boom, you have two fully functioning, independent ships. or...
  8. Gknees


  9. Gknees

    Sharing with a spaceships

    Post any ship you want to share with here.
  10. Gknees

    Sharing my ship

    Yeah, that's exactly what the title says. Tried to make a transport ship like in Halo (such as pelican) Test your faith seats arrangement
  11. XenoCow

    XenoCow's Starbase Videos

    Learn an overview of ship design and download the ship to explore how a ship is built. Thanks to @BlackHawk for the inspiration. Here's My take on the April 18th Robur Rumble featuring BIG ships. Thank you to Perry for letting me join his crew! Want to hear my yap about the roadmap for an...
  12. [POLL] Will you partake in ship Combat

    I personally want to atleast practice 1v1s with Factions members once a week how about u?
  13. XenoCow

    Starbase a la Animal Crossing (How to Start off with a Ship)

    The idea: New players are given a ship, then they have to work to pay it off. Meatbolio and I briefly discussed this idea in the thread Quickplay Mode: Or How to Retain Players that Don't Have the Patience for the Main Game, but I felt that this topic deserved it's own thread. Currently...
  14. XenoCow

    Ship Designer Feature: Export Ships as 3D Models

    A new feature that would help to round out the Ship Designer feature would be to allow for export of ships as 3D models. My first intention with this is to be able to 3D print ships that I build (I suspect that other players would want something similar too) to put on my desk or hang from my...
  15. When will the Dreadnoughts come?

    It is a question of mine that I have been pondering for quite some time. When will ships so large and so expensive that nobody will take them out of port in fear of losing them and along with that millions or 10s of millions of credits (or more), recreating the WW1 conditions where the British...
  16. Weapons economy

    Well, as I understand right now the way to get weapons or ship parts are either buying it or crafting them, am I right? But what about the weapons were given only to starter factions, so if you need a weapon you must buy to them. Also a blueprint for each weapon so you can make them in your own...