1. Haladin

    Solar power in belt?

    Hoping for a dev response - From my current tests, solar panels produce maximum efficiency even if the sun is behind the gas clouds of a belt. Is this safe to rely on, for building up station infrastructure? I'd hate to invest a bunch of time and resources building a solar powered station...
  2. Transfer power between factory halls?

    Is there any way, or any plans for future implementation of a system to get power from one area of the station to the next?
  3. Unbuildable Area within my SafeZone Station, station modules refuse to be placed anywhere.

    With the last update my secondary station has lost most of it's factory hall systems, and my primary station is still unbuildable is there any fixes for this? I spent about 6 hours getting this station orientated with my origin station, above the belt, I just want this to be a working buildable...
  4. Station Parts Duplicated in Place in are Stuck

    I've had a glitch after the recent patch where station modules or stuff placed in a factory will duplicate. Most of the pieces are "ghost" and disappear after being picked up. Some modules though can't be removed since they keep meshing in and out of each other and reset my weld tool. Is there a...
  5. SRCC_Steel

    Can people at the stations, that were attacked, spawn ships?

    Can people at the stations, that were attacked, spawn ships? If yes, so how can be station defeated with infinite number of ships, while capital has finite?
  6. Sven Drunken Heart

    YOLOL Virus/Corruption Game Play

    I looked in this forum but I didn't see any mention of this idea. I know that this idea won't be universally beloved, but I would like to share it anyways. I think that malware related game mechanics would be very interesting. I'll put my rough ideas below, and thank you to the few who take the...
  7. How I believe the safe zones in Starbase should work.

    I believe that the safe zone mechanic can be something that has the potential to make this game more fun or be a frustrating mechanic. I am adding on to another forum idea to provide possibly another solution. Forum link: To...
  8. Krash

    Owning more than 1 whole block?

    can a person own a entire free zone space station? or are there limits on what a person can purchase. like if my whole group threw in credits and we purchased the entire space could we do it?
  9. tvardero

    [ENG / RUS] Outpost Sevorb

    On this thread we speak both English and Russian, but we suggest you prefer using English. If you wish to use Russian, please, insert google translate of your text under a spoiler to make others can at least guess what you're talking about. В этом топике мы общаемся как на английском, так и на...