1. satomi

    暂译 简体中文 更新笔记 Translated Patch notes For Simplified Chinese

    this will be the dump post for all the patch notes i translated in to simplified Chinese back in 2022,order will be old>new the noun list is not updated for for ever so consistency is an issue so be it i guess 时间顺序从老到新 名词表好久没维护了所以干脆没用,凑合看看吧。
  2. [DE] Bolts = Nägel, Schrauben, Nieten, Bolzen or something else entirely?

    I am not 100% sure on what we should translate "Bolt" to. There are certain advantages to each possibility. So I think we should just vote on what we think is the most fitting. We used Nagel/Nägel for now. But I am not super comfortable with choosing a term before we got some input from more...
  3. M551Sheridan

    Talking about the understanding and translation of materials in the game

    When I browse and try to translate the Starbase Wiki into other languages, I found this page, its talking about the materials in the game: And i found that all the materials except ICE has a strange coinages name, maybe its in order to hint that...