A long overdue introduction.


Veteran endo
Aug 9, 2019
Well, Hello there.

My name here is TheMarksman. Writer, Archer, and Polytechnic student in Singapore. Though a student, I do intend to bring my knowledge from writing, programming and banking and finance into the game of Starbase and bring about my expertise for the advancement of technologies in the game.

This is in addition to The Pilot Series, currently, a list of stories based on the idea of a war between the Empire and Kingdom, as a sort of launchpad for newcomers of the game to familiarise, and understand, the situation of the game, though unofficial.

With the start of planning for an in-game Live Action of the Series, we also plan to release an episode-based of its original source to better allow members to watch the Series in addition to allowing members to participate in the community project, showing off their ships, their acting, and providing their voice to a project that may reach thousands, and in time, millions.

Though unprecedented, I believe that this project would spur a new wave of creativity in the months to come. Thank you. For reading this. And may it be something new to your day. -Marksman.