Alpha dates, discussion channels, general instructions


Aug 9, 2019
Alpha official start date: 11th May 2020, embargo ends Wednesday 13th May 2020 at 13:00 (UTC). Embargo means no-one participating is allowed to speak anything regarding alpha before that date. However, discussion at this private Alpha Forum is allowed.

Do not publish any material (screens, video, streams), or write anything about alpha, or tell anyone you are participating in alpha, or reveal anyone who are in alpha.

Embargo timer will be up here once we have announced dates publicly: (dates will be announced most likely around 7th or 8th of May)

We will look up for possibly hand-adding alpha players to private discord channel before embargo date. After embargo the channel can be done with roles, as it's no longer secret who's participating.

Alpha forums will be open to read for everyone after embargo ends, but writing is restricted to devs/alpha participants in all but one section.