Attachment Plate Substitutes (Not for Beams)


Master endo
Dec 10, 2019
As attachment plates are phased out, I find myself lacking a small bracket for fixing things in tight spaces. Many times I have found attachment plates, especially the corner pieces, the best option for securing bits and bobs on ships after leaving the SSC. Sometimes I don't want to tear apart half my ship to get around to the angle that allows me to put a bolt through the "proper" beam into whatever it is I am trying to stick.

The small triangle plates would almost work if they weren't so difficult to get bolts into going in the right direction. So, I suggest bringing back (at least) the corner attachment plates in the form of 6cm thick angled brackets. They would be plates so follow all the same material rules as normal plates.

They could also make for interesting details for those that like to greeble.