Been away a while.. how is it now?


Learned-to-turn-off-magboots endo
Apr 5, 2021
I mean from the looks of the roadmap and discord it looks like progress is a slow trickle

I would love to know what kind of fiscal deadline fb expects for turning a profit.

I just get a rather pessimistic feeling catching up on forums, discord, reddit, etc..

I mean at this rate it will be over a year or years before they can get a solid complete version of their roadmap..

And from online sentiment it just feels like that wont be enough, to really get rolling they will need to go further, specifically adding pve content

I love sb, and I hope they have budgeted to keep rolling through the dev phase for 2 or 3 more years.. I fear they will get their plug pulled before they can get it across the finish line

After getting hope up for du, and now sb..

I'm just coming to the conclusion that...

"These mechanics are great.. but they will only work when they are an extra PART OF otherwise complete game with pve and story content... it seems du and sb are more like big mechanics tests that wont stand on their own as a game.. but when someone just adds them to a full rpg as an expanded crafting system then they will work"

I really hope they polish it off, and then add lots of npcs and pve, I think that would fly.


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Dec 10, 2019
I get the feeling that this game is kind of a pie-in-the-sky dream game for Frozenbyte. Assuming they have some amount of fortitude or will power, they will get back to this game once they can keep the lights on. I heard from this video that their investors pulled out, perhaps because of a mix of world events and the less than stellar sales at open access launch.

I'm betting on FB pulling through in the future, but probably in a longer time than anyone would like.

On the flipside, EosCon is this weekend, so that should bring some life into the game for a bit and demonstrate how much the community wants this game to become something.


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Feb 13, 2020
I think the thing with the investor was a rumor, based on what LJarja wrote over in the steam discussions (in "PLS, this is usk of my soul!").
If I take what was said at face value, I would say they had planned to use a set budget to get the game into a state where they could drum up a marketing campaign or something to get people back and get funding for further development, but due to them underestimating the requirements it never got to that point and the budget was used up.

Currently they have the advantage of Starbase being cheap in terms of upkeep, as they pushed much of the data transfer away from servers and into the hands of the players (i.e. less servers needed to service players), so I wouldn't worry too much about them closing down the game, especially since they at least have the foresight of stopping and reevaluating.

And finally: yes, this game is currently not feature complete, as e.g. a faction system is missing, which could have served as the source of pve stuff. Empire and Kingdom are two factions that were introduced in their videos where they showed off ideas that they wanted to introduce into the game (Youtube).


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May 20, 2020
Here is the thing, if money really the issue I don't get it why they don't turn to crowd funding...
There is a clear indicator that a lot of people gladly would spare a buck or more a month just to continue development in a more timely fashion.
But it could be very well that they don't want this kind of pressure, which IMO is bs. The pressure they get now is way harsher.

It's clear that they haven't made the smartest PR decisions but honestly there is no need for that right now.
Just being honst and transparent is enough for me. Start the PR drum again once we reach beta, so there is a actual game to sell.

Wube Software (Factorio) is a prime example for that, even if updates took month the weekly blog showed what's going on and why.
An other noteworthy mention is Unknown Worlds approach with their public feedback system of Subnautica.
(Reading the feedback comments can be very entertaining)
This is what keeps interest and the community together.

I really want to see this game in this intended form. (Minus some nitpicks here and there... like EBM)
Heck, if I had the finances to do so I would single handedly bankroll the project.
On that note, nobody from us won the ridiculous Eurojackpot...? No...? Bummer 🤣


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Aug 11, 2020
Well, the game development is 'significantly slowed' (on hold).. so long term wise, worse than before.
However, short-term wise, better than its ever been for playability.

So, if you are looking to play now, technically, the game itself is its best state ever, its just the future that looks more bleak than ever before.

... I wonder what ever happened to those "1000+ ship parts" they were talking about, since the only people playing are ship builders for the most part.. Would do a lot for building if they were just lying around.

P.S. "It's clear that they haven't made the smartest PR decisions" Understatement of the year. The marketing team were better CM's than the CM's were.


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May 16, 2020
this game is slowly becoming unplayable. if you try to build a capital ship you will see its almost not possible. the moon is broken again, killing the ability to get the ores only available on the moons, and as it stays broken for longer time periods, the player market prices go wildly affordable. also if you had a moon base and moon mining equipment, its all useless till the moon gets fix. it sounds like they need to reset the something server to fix it, but with no one in house to take a message, no one can reset anything.