Bug reporting instructions


Aug 9, 2019
There's two main methods of reporting bugs:
  1. If game crashes or asserts, error reporting tool will pop up in the background and wait for your input to upload collected error data to our servers. When you exit the game, please press upload to send the data. Also note that you can adjust upload speed in the tool.
  2. If you run into a bug/issue which doesn't trigger assert or crash, you can report it manually by pressing F1 and choosing what's it about, and by leaving optional description. That tool uploads also some collected data as well as the screenshot us to help us locate the issue. The feedback function can be used to leave also feedback, or to report players.
We hope everyone uses only these two methods for bug reporting. You can discuss bugs here and on discord, but to get them fixed we need error uploads and/or feedback tool reports.


Community Manager
Aug 9, 2019
Hello, Alpha testers! :giggle:

During Alpha we have received +10K counts of feedback so far, of which over 7K have been sent through the Feedback Tool! This was way more than we expected and has sped up development significantly, so thank you all so much!

As we move further in development we hope to fix as many bugs as we possibly can to get closer to Early Access. One of the key elements is getting as much feedback from our players as possible. Bug reports are especially helpful: we can usually combat them very quickly. The more reports we get the more they help us, but the most effective bug reports are always those that provide the most information and make our job easier and faster.

To help you help us and speed up the development of Starbase, we've put together an official How to report a bug tutorial with the developers! Please read through it and help us crush those nasty little bugs for good.

You can find the tutorial on the Starbase Wiki here: https://wiki.starbasegame.com/index.php/How_to_report_a_bug