cchhhh <<... is this thing working? Hello, Lord Mortangol here, is anyone there? Over and out.>>

Oct 8, 2019
<<I hope you hear this. My name is "Lord Mortangol" and I'm new to this star system. I'm looking forward interacting with you and your companions and hopfully building a relationship for both to benefit. I worked in many different places, almost always creating "proove of concept" mechnisms and inventing new ways to solve a task. I'm what you call a engineer through andf through. To the space! I see you there!>>

I love space sims and sandbox games like "Space Engineers" and "StarMade" and I'm looking forward for Spacebase because I want to play something like "Space Engineers" as mmo with good performance. ;) "Starbase" now already looks more promising then "Space Engineers". As you can see, doing roleplay is also something I love to. Oh and one last thing for those who are curious, I'm from germany.
Don't be shy and ask everything you like to. I'm the one to decide, if I like to answer the questions.