Chaos' List to make Starbase 'work'


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Aug 16, 2021
Again, I'm not sure how station safe zones do these things. The vast majority of the world will still be unsafe, and creating interesting POIs to fight over that are not covered by safe zones is the far more preferable way to drive meaningful PvP. If you're arguing that stations prevent transit because they're in an area of space that you want, then that's what sieges are for.
So, reading through your comments, your arguments seems to suggest to force a funnel on the pvp lovers by just pushing them into a corner, so the rest of space is free to mine freely with no danger. Keep in mind, the economic balance is based on loss. Im sure you are familiar with economics 101. Supply, and demand. as long as there are losses, people buy. This is true in any mmo sandbox type game with economy. Eve Online to name one that reeeally did it well. If miners are not stopped on a regular basis, ores will continue to fall in prices because all of you pve dudes keep under bidding each other. I already see this in game. Last i checked, charodium was already being sold for under buy price of station when you sell to the tower rather than Auction House, which makes no sense if people want to make money. But, thats the issue. There is a major ore surplus. Ultimately, this idea will destroy the entire mechanic of economy in game.

Another fact that pve minded people dont understand is the thrill of genuine fights. not planned, not funneled into a corner on some POI for that "redheaded step child" as a "necessary evil." We have two very different crowds here. You guys can slam your desks, shout, attempt to out wit, whatever because you guys just hate the mentality. I dont expect you to understand, but rather hate it. But, it doesnt change it. Alot of us come from other sandbox pvp games where there are next no rules. All these games have a safe place for beginners, in essence. But, small. Rust, Dayz, scum, and a very similar type game, Eve as i mentioned before to name a few. Its totally viable gameplay, steam charts stands as proof, those titles all have alot of renown for their content. You dont have to agree with it. I will say that all you guys seem to act as if you guys are defenseless. yet, you guys have access to exactly the same weapons the rest of us do.

You want social hubs. I get it. But there is nothing stopping you guys from getting together and making one giant station and giving it a name that ends up spreading across the game community. The bigger the station, the harder it is to raid because the raider would have to own a cap ship big enough to take the station on for it to even work according to the devs on the siege mechanics. I feel like if this is something you guys want bad enough, you all will come together and make it happen. It would be quite a sight to see the pve dudes in game achieve this. imagine the publicity.
I also kind of thought the starter origin stations were to serve this type of purpose. But, It would be very cool to see the community create a station as well. Granted, it would be raidable in non safe space, but I feel like there are groups out there who would support it, and defend it till it becomes a hulking giant. Pvp people love to pew pew, and thats what they are doing. You guys like mining, trading, and building, so do it. Build a huge social hub. Plus, we dont have the siege mechanics in yet, so once that foundation is slapped down, you guys got a lot of time.
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