1. ChaosRifle

    Chaos' List to make Starbase 'work'

    I know people will whine about the headlines without reading the reasons and results of them, but please try to read it all before freaking out over one part, these changes I have been asking to get for a while specifically work together, and need eachother to be viable. I ask that you keep an...
  2. Toomboost

    Pandora's box [RUS|ENG pirate clan]

    Hey there. We are the Pandora's Box What we do? We're having fun! Where we do it? Everywhere! And if you have been gonked or dunked by one of us this is our official response: Thank you for using Gonk'n'Go Fast Insurance Transfer Service. If the speed at which you were transferred to the nearest...
  3. Recatek

    Progenitor Mine, a Daily PvP Territory Control Objective

    Since FB is beginning to consider features for the next roadmap and future updates (judging by the creation of the council), I thought it would be a good time to return to the topic of activities and content in Starbase. I'm particularly interested in fun things to do for daily player retention...
  4. Negev


    ╔╗║╔╗ ╠╣║║║ HAZARD ╚╝║╚╝ Looking for players that enjoy blowing up ships or are awesome at supporting activities. Who we are Biohazard. [BIO] is a pvp, no-drama, company. We believe Starbase is best played in small gangs of pilots teaching each other, and in an environment that works for not...
  5. Negev

    [BIO] Biohazard versus [TCC] True Chemosh Cult

    It is well known that the friendship between BIO and TCC runs deep. The strongest combination in the starbase universe. A friendly match was organized to test each other strength, tactics and most of all - to have a good laugh while blowing up spaceships :) Thanks to all for joining :) Check...
  6. Vexus

    Starbase is amazing [gameplay screenshots]

    Starbase is amazing. The best game of its kind in a generation. The devs are insane, tackling almost every genre at the same time, but... they're doing it. It's working. This isn't a game you pick up for a few hours and then never touch it again. This is something that will last for years to...
  7. le_souriceau

    [BOO] Band of Outlaws Recruitment

    COME AS YOU ARE Band of Outlaws is a space pirate cartel in Starbase with the honeybadger as our lucky mascot. We aim to gather round those who enjoy not taking themselves too seriously and want to be part of an active and diverse community with strong PvP focus. Our goal is to have guns...
  8. Why is combat logging a thing?

    Literally, every PvP encounter I meet, the dude would just log out to glitch my UI with ship host transfer - and then he can log in for couple of seconds, shoot a couple of bullets, and log back out - while you completely lose control of your ship or endo, because of microlag when the ship host...
  9. sweer

    The Keys

    Hello everyone, I created this company because I realized there will be a very big need for content a few months into EA, many things other companies offer can be done solo, and in many cases are inefficient to do with other people. So I created The Keys, we are a very PVP oriented company, who...
  10. SubwayKiwi

    The Current State Of Starbase

  11. Saint Porolonius

    Guns overhaul. Custom part, attachments and how to balance combat system

    WEAPON OVERHAUL FROM OSTPOL Firearms are a major part of PvP systems in every game, especially with different levels of combat: Infatry VS Vehicle/Spaceship or Infantry VS Infantry. There are many ways how to improve this experience in both cases, for example adding more guns for every target...
  12. SubwayKiwi

    Outpost Assault event

  13. Sven Drunken Heart

    YOLOL Virus/Corruption Game Play

    I looked in this forum but I didn't see any mention of this idea. I know that this idea won't be universally beloved, but I would like to share it anyways. I think that malware related game mechanics would be very interesting. I'll put my rough ideas below, and thank you to the few who take the...
  14. Jornexe

    Starbase Balance Discussion Notes

    Orange = in development afaik Shields (VERY MUCH DISPUTED BY PEOPLE) easy to tweak/balance bigger ship components bigger generators possibly more complex (Fusion Reactors possibly) possibly riskier/unstable options or normal modular generator efficiency getting better with size more...
  15. Mr Volts

    (VIR) Nomads - decentralized people

    NOMADS (VIR) WHO WE ARE: Nomads are a decentralized people, with a robust structure that allows effective communication and co-operation when essential: war, resources, technology, finance, exploration and protection. The decentralized structure ensures the protection of our members and cells in...
  16. Tom21

    Analysing the firts Boltcrakers tournament

    The first Boltcrakers tournament was about a week ago when the meta of starships was what the comunity has coined 'cheesball' where the ship you fly in is armored with floormats. The cheesyness of this strategy is that by making your ships armor out of floormats the armor peneration value so...
  17. [POLL] Will you partake in ship Combat

    I personally want to atleast practice 1v1s with Factions members once a week how about u?
  18. Recatek

    Rogue Asteroid Event

    Many survival games have the concept of an "airdrop". This is a mechanic where a very visible, very desirable object slowly enters the world (say, by being dropped from an airplane) within vision of multiple players. The players are incentivized to converge on the objective to try to claim it...