1. Tom21

    Analysing the firts Boltcrakers tournament

    The first Boltcrakers tournament was about a week ago when the meta of starships was what the comunity has coined 'cheesball' where the ship you fly in is armored with floormats. The cheesyness of this strategy is that by making your ships armor out of floormats the armor peneration value so...
  2. [POLL] Will you partake in ship Combat

    I personally want to atleast practice 1v1s with Factions members once a week how about u?
  3. Recatek

    Rogue Asteroid Event

    Many survival games have the concept of an "airdrop". This is a mechanic where a very visible, very desirable object slowly enters the world (say, by being dropped from an airplane) within vision of multiple players. The players are incentivized to converge on the objective to try to claim it...
  4. Mambosamba

    Anyone think large scale warfare will happen in star base?

    I played quite a bit of eve, so i'm pretty sure some crazy things are possible in star base, including large scale warfare, but some people don't seem to think so. your thoughts?
  5. Accad

    Bounty Hunter Jobs

    There's been talk of toxic PvP players who have ganged up on weaker ones, killed them and destroyed the remains of their ships. I suggest a policing system whereas players can receive bounties for excessive player killing / ship destruction / etc.. Players can accept bounty jobs (activating a...
  6. Kibbles

    Torn off Limbs?

    So I was just looking around and couldn't really find an answer to this. What would happen if your arms got torn off, are you still able to use weapons/tools and if only one arm gets torn off, would the tool be less efficient or maybe reloading takes longer with possible a one hand animation...
  7. Sven Drunken Heart

    How to make the biggest conceivable ship in the game

    Hello all, Firstly, take this post with a grain of salt. This is just me (poorly) mocking up an idea in sketchup and presenting it to you, the reader. Secondly, this is a ship design that is easier to think of as a carrier type vessel that tows 8+ other specialized ships. Essentially, the main...
  8. Firestorm

    Dark Star Imperium | Forge Your Destiny

    "Proud member and founding organization of Lodestar" WHAT WE ARE We are a Meritocracy, our community is built around the collective individual efforts of our members. Everyone within the Imperium earns their way from the bottom. Anything you want to achieve is within reach in the Imperium if...
  9. Grout

    Cargo heist?

    Lets just say that you are planning a cargo heist with your faction,and are about to intercept the ship with all the good loot. But if you were to be discovered, would you and your entire faction be in danger of getting attacked because of the attempted cargo heist? So, would it just be better...
  10. TheDerpGamer

    The Grand United Holy Intergalactic Dovanic Neo Romanic Imperial Ordained Confederation and its Liberated Ducal Realms

    The Dual Monarchy (GUHIDNRIOCLDR) About us: We are a group of factions banded together under the leadership of the God Emperor. While the Dual Monarchy was originally founded in late 2017 between the Dovan Empire and the New Roman Empire, our origins actually go all the way back to 2013 with...
  11. FlyingDebris

    Trinova Technologies: Building a Better Tomorrow, Today!

    Hello, and welcome to the forum post for Trinova Technologies! Opening this page is agreed upon by our lawyers to constitute your signature and payment of $3.50 to Trinova Technologies LLC, payable by cash or cashier's check. Alright, let's get into the juicy giblets of this page. So, for...
  12. Tumbla

    [BkB][Syndicate][Kingdom] Blackwater Barons ~ Vivere sat vincere | Top Syndicate within The Kingdom

    Blackwater Barons This is a tale of the Dark Ages, a tale of a group who decided to break the shackles of enslavement in a galaxy bloody and gruesome full of destruction and slaughter, greed and corruption. To live in such a time is to live in the cruelest and bloodiest regimes of the galaxy...
  13. StrykerSnow

    Space Force (SpF) - Looking for inexperienced pilots!

    Hey Folks! Space Force was originally a corp based in EVE, and are starting our Starbase branch. We were founded on the idea of being a casual community that was inclusive to everyone, looked out for each other, and focused on helping newer players learn. We ran weekly fleets such as our...
  14. Freelancer

    [L.A.G.] Legacy Aerospace Group | SNC #1

    [L.A.G.] Legacy Aerospace Group A Chapter in Legacy Gaming Home of OwO from Atlas and Veritas from BDO/New World Our most recent video, taking top spot in the season 1 finale, battle royale against the best of the best in the game. ‏‏ Other Known Names Veritas, Legacy, OwO, Imperium...