Does the voxel damage have a memory / repair system?


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May 22, 2020
Does the voxel damage system have a memory of pre-damage for repair / how does the whole repair system works? and if it does could that cause clipping errors between original parts and in battle repair?


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Dec 10, 2019
How do I repair damaged ships?

ArtturiFB (5/29/19): There's the repair tool that's shown in the trailer, that can be used to "paint" the missing voxels back onto objects that have been damaged (though there has been talk about putting in a threshold of damage beyond which it can't remake it), as long as you have the materials … Anything entirely gone you would have to find replacements for, and then place them back. The insurance system should also help if your ship takes catastrophic damage, though fixing it yourself would most likely be cheaper ... the repair tool can't just wholesale bring the entire ship back

If I cut something in half and repair both pieces, do I now have two parts?

XCompWizFB (5/29/19): Yes

LauriFB (5/29/19): Yes you can duplicate stuff with [the repair gun] but it takes slightly more resources than using industrial 3d-printer, so it's not most efficient way for duplicating, just most convenient

PipFB (6/3/19): Yeah, there's been talks about there having to be at least 50% of the piece left in order for the building tool to be able to fix it in order to avoid duplicating
There's this from the Wiki FAQ. But I don't think that this answer's your question clearly enough.

If by "memory" you mean that damaged parts stay damaged, then yes, they won't fix themselves ever. One thing that might prove difficult later is that parts can be damaged without fracturing or having visible voxel damage (small arms fire doesn't always weaken armor enough to penetrate). Maybe the durability tool can show this.

You are concerned with clipping issues. It was shown in Boltcrackers Episode 5 that pipes can be embedded inside of voxel-damaged parts. Pipes can already clip through geometry, so I don't know if that's anything new. An alpha tester should test to see if one component can be repaired into another.


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Aug 14, 2019
I don't think the repair tool is in the CA yet, I have not seen any of the streamers using it and I think ore refining is also not in CA yet which is needed to ammo the repair tool.


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Aug 9, 2019
Build tool is in CA already, but it's used just for station lot building ATM (it takes resources directly from station inventory).
I spend all the time in ship designer, so dunno if you can fix damaged ships while being at station yet.