DynaStar - Perfection through innovation

Sep 11, 2019
The DynaStar corporation is now hiring!

DynaStar is a corporation that aims to become a sophisticated and professional corporation in the Starbase universe.

We have a well structured company that's made up out of 4 departments, with Department Heads in charge of each one.

Each department is semi-autonomous, with the Department Head deciding on its internal structure and projects.

These departments are the following:


The Mining Department is the backbone of the DynaStar Corporation and provides the resources used by all other departments. It is vital for our continued operations, and sees continual improvements through work with the R&D Department.
We are looking for individuals willing to undertake mining expeditions, and to establish mining outposts in potentially dangerous environments.


The Refinery Department is responsible for the processing of all raw resources, and manufacturing of materials.
We are looking for individuals interested in creating efficient assembly lines, YOLOL programming and logistics.


The R&D Department handles the researching and creation of new systems and modules, as well as developing YOLOL code.
They are also responsible for improving current systems, as well as developing new ones for the other departments.
The R&D Department is all about free experimentation; it is therefore looking for thinkers and creatives alike - anyone with a vision.
Innovation is key.


The Shipyard handles the design and construction of all DynaStar stations and vessels
With close ties to the DynaStar R&D Department, its core aim and function is to produce some of the most advanced vessels in the Universe.
The Shipyard requires creatives, engineers and factory workers.

To apply for a company position or inquire about potential deals, please join us on our Discord