Eos Explorers Alliance

Aug 9, 2019
Ever wondered whats behind Eos? Ever wondered what would you find if you fly 2 weeks to same direction? Ever wondered how far you could get?

If you answered yes to all of the above, continue reading..

- Eos Explorers Alliance (EEA) is a home for all exploration loving robots and we aim to answer to those questions eventually.
Yes, we are going to travel to the other side of Eos at some day.
- Our aim is to explore Eos and its surroundings and eventually venture to another planets and maybe even new systems, or what ever Starbase will bring in the future.
- When game mechanics allows it, we will eventually arrange group expeditions, short and long, lasting from few hours to even few months.
- You can be an explorer, ship builder, YOLOL expert, or even armed escort, or all of those, its all up to you.
We as exploration oriented community pull always together, support and help each other and aim to go places no robot has gone before.
- Already a member of another faction? No worries, there's room for all in our group.

Also note: When Starbase is launched, we aim to put up a EEA company with our own lot, factories, bank, etc, the whole deal.

Interested yet?

Then click below and join us!

Discord: https://discord.gg/JxwHfay