1. Tom21

    Welcome to Artemis Some1gee

    After a jorney of 63 hours 27 minutes and 12 seconds a twitch streamer by the name of Some1gee reached Artemis the second moon that has been named orbiting Eos. According to developers tweet he was the first person to reach artemis. His first words on the moon were : ' We left in search of space...
  2. Replic21

    Names Replic!

    Hello there guys! Been watching this game for some while now since I'm super duper into these kind of games, so why not introduce myself My name is Replic TuaniOne, almost 30, from the Netherlands, I play games like Star Citizen, Empyrion, Elite Dangerous and some FPS. I'm a hobbyist graphic...
  3. Henkka77

    Eos Explorers Alliance

    Ever wondered whats behind Eos? Ever wondered what would you find if you fly 2 weeks to same direction? Ever wondered how far you could get? If you answered yes to all of the above, continue reading.. - Eos Explorers Alliance (EEA) is a home for all exploration loving robots and we aim to...
  4. Fingle

    Discussing Exploration

    Here is my second video essay! I have been thinking a lot about exploration and how starbase facilitates it. Here are my ideas on the subject. If you have any cool ideas relating to exploration in Starbase I'd LOVE to hear them!! Drop a thread below or comment on my video (I respond more on...
  5. Azelous

    Starbase Maps!!

    Space is BIG. Maybe we need maps? If we had maps, what do you think should be on the maps? Are they just part of the ui, or are they data that you can share? What can you do with the maps? So far as I know, maps haven't been mentioned, I'd like to know what everyone thinks on the topic!
  6. Morrgard

    The Starbase Experience

    I've been reading through the forum a lot as of its creation and it has been really interesting to see what people think about this and that, usually the topics are very compacted to one or two things, however I want to know what you expect to see in the game, what you expect to happen to you in...