Good Afternoon Everyone !

Jun 10, 2021
Hey everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself ! I am a 30 year old dad who loves space games and just pretty much any game there is. I have been following StarBase for awhile now and I am so excited about this release coming soon. I love to develop and I seriously can't wait to play around and script YOLOL code. This game is literally going to be one of the most innovating fun experiences, it's something you can just tell right away from how the developers interact with their community and the features / vision they have.

I don't even typically sign up for game forums or even login to check these type of things but I just had to for this community. What are you guys excited about the most? I want to meet new people and just get involved!
May 17, 2021
I’m eager to do something as simple as just getting to experience flying a ship or as in-depth as building and coding YOLOL.

Also, welcome!