Hi I am BadgerBadger


Active member
Aug 14, 2019
Hi I am BadgerBadger, if you don't get the reference then you are too young ;p
Well to be honest I am normally that guy that sits back and watches so I know what is going on without being in the middle of it, but thought I might have to be a bit more active if I want a Alpha key ;) hence this.
About me: I like to build stuff or break stuff and have been doing so (and helping other) do so for decades, software or hardware I am pretty good at it.
I am a big fan of space survival games and normally none aggressive, I prefer PvE to PvP but if you poke me the wrong way I can make you wish PvP was unsupported. I like to automate stuff, so much so I have even automated my self out of job IRL (am yet to figure out how to get my drone army to build me an automated orbital shipyard IRL but working on it). So that is a snippet of me, hope to see you peeps in game soon