Insurance Transfer Review


Feb 4, 2021
I think that insurance transfert is too op and not really "RP" :

In fact, Endoskeleton are just teleported, without any cost, from a screen panel to an other
To me it doesn't make sense ( It was good enough for the Alpha but not for Early Access )

Endo should not be able to tp, player should leave control of an endo and control a new one build in a station/ship reconstruction machine
If a player go from an station to an other, he don't pay because he leave an endo in the station (the endo is not lost so he don't pay, it can be "reuse")
But if he leave the endo in middle of space, he can respawn but he have to pay for a new endo or use an endokit
When a player leave his endo or be killed, this endo can be collected , repaired and packed to create a new endokit

Origin station sell new endo but player/faction controlled station must refill their "station reconstruction machine" with endokit for player to be able to respawn
It create new task : refill the machine , repair/build endokit in factory or import endokit into the station
Station manager could also choose the respawning cost and btw he can whitelist or blacklist players to use the machine
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Dec 10, 2019
I think that this is all very much in the plan. The current implementation of the insurance transferring is just to allow faster bug testing (move around stations for dev events etc.)

I too look forward to more RP-ish insurance behavior. I already try to not use them if I can avoid it, even for moving around Origin station.


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Aug 9, 2019
I also believe that's the plan already.

I'd like to add on top of that: if you teleport, your equipment should stay with the old body.
Maybe cosmetics could travel, as it doesn't really hurt any balance. But weapons/tools/parts should definitely stay.

Also would be nice if offline or abandoned bodies stay in game world, to be picked and reused if found outside SZ. Would also prevent leaving offline crewmates behind the ship.
Of course dev/big stations should be automatically cleaned of bodies (then you respawn at command center, rather than where you logged off, but you keep the equipment).


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Aug 9, 2019
I'd say that having equipment left on bodies would be a pretty good thing, although there is a chance it could further incentivise more passive, careful gameplay styles. Currently, nobody wants to lose their nice custom made ship, and if they lose everything on their person every time they die that might lead people into playing by the way of the rat, emerging to grab opportunities and then slipping away into the darkness to avoid conflict, which just doesn't seem very fun to me.

Granted if reconstruction machines are viable for medium-size ships this could lessen the problem of both losing your ship and losing all your items, it would mean only small ship only people will be rat-like, as everyone else could just respawn back at their ship and grab their stuff.