Apr 4, 2021
Hey guys!! I am Sir Coitus!

I'm 28. Been playing MMO's for... :unsure: 16 years? wow!
I have played a wide variety of genres throughout the MMO spectrum. There's nothing better than getting home after a long day at work, hopping into a game with your friends, getting ourselves caught up in a mess and laughing about it.

I currently help lead a gaming community called B.A.N.G. We like to hop into interesting games together and strive on making the most of it. If there comes a time when things are quiet and not seeing any action anywhere, you can expect B.A.N.G to roll in and start some content for everyone. (y) We got you boo! :sneaky:

We are excited about Starbase and have been following all the updates! I personally love how detailed and complex the ship & station building/designing process is. All the intricate layers and functions that you can control with each step in the building process is leaps & mounds beyond what other developers have attempted to create. I am thoroughly impressed and cannot wait to start building, I see myself spending plenty a night, 8-10 hours straight just building a ship, wiring, piping, programming... This is going to take over my life like many other games have before this.. I'm ready! :cool:

Anyways, I'm happy to be apart of the Starbase community. Hmu on discord sometime (I'm in the Starbase disc. as Sir Coitus) and check out our group if you'd like as well!


See you guys among the stars!! ;)