Lore discussion


Learned-to-sprint endo
Aug 11, 2019
I've just started wondering whether the first robots appeared out of thin air, or if they were actually built by humans.

Are the current robots designed to fulfill a particular purpose, hard-coded into them?
Or are they just our "successors" from an evolutionary standpoint?

Would they contain a copy of a human mind, a trained AI, or a free untrained AI?

Are there any trace of organic / intelligent lifeforms nearby?
Can you find signs of previous activity? Ex: Ruins, Fossils, etc.


Master endo
Aug 9, 2019
They are humanoid robots, which for me is a clear sign that they are controlled by human minds or copies of it.

Why else would they take such an impractical body form? Legs and long silhouette in 0g?
AI would certainly be able to control ships directly, and calculate a lot of things on the fly. And it wouldn't be driven by human desires and instincts: AI has no need to be rich, famous, feared, respected or leash beta tribes. AI doesn't like or hate.

Maybe all the humans are now in a form of brains in jars or hibernated bodies on megastations, remotely controlling endos?
Maybe tech allows for uploading mind to network, but require human-like condition to preserve sanity? Hence humanoid body and duplicate prevention.

All of this implies that they were created by humans to allow doing stuff without the hassle of maintaining biological needs and life-threatening hazards. Either catastrophe that wiped population or long range colonization mission. Or both. Lack of pre-built content suggest it's not happening anywhere close to earth.

I can't see any place for aliens, sorry ;)
Aug 11, 2019
I dont know where this was written, i think some of it is in the Wiki and some was added on a factions discord but im not sure.
As far as i know we (the robots) have left our mortal bodys becours living as an endoskeleton is much easyer and more comfortable.
We were once sentient lifeforms. (did never say we were once human but its the most logical thought).
We cant die thanks to the Insurence system which will just relocate our beeing into a new endoskeleton if the one we are currently using decays.
That was also the main reason why most sentinent beeings choose to live as robots.
(that is basicly what stands here: https://wiki.starbasegame.com/index.php/Endoskeleton )