New guy here and I got some questions.

Mar 25, 2020
Forgive me if these questions have been answered before. If you don't feel like leaving an answer to some of these, then please at least link me to a previous post that may answer them.

1. Can you use frame pieces to route cables and pipes? Basically, using a frame piece with no armor attached for the purpose to neatly route said cables and pipes and hopefully to help protect them from losing connecting in a fight.

2. Can you use the connecting plates multiple times on frame pieces? my thought is the more the pieces are connected, the stronger they will be. Is this true? what down sides would it have?

3. how easily would it be to shield components from explosions with interior armor? lets say one of your propellent tanks explodes. is there a way to shield your generator so it doesn't have a chain reaction through your ship?

4. do most of the weapons require manual reloading? i know the energy ones wont because they draw directly from the reactor but what about the others? is it possible to create a system using rails and the YOLOL system to reload it with a press of a button? basically use rails to withdraw the weapon inside and then having robotic arms unbolt the expended ammo, reload, and bolt in the new drum?

5. Speaking of YOLOL, how easy is it . . . really? i have basic knowledge of computer programming and i understand the process. is there a in game guide or "cheat sheet" to help you as you do it or will i have to have a seperate window open on a wiki page?

6. Seems really easy to take damage and lose components. almost to the point that i dont think its worth it to fight. how resilient is the armor? is there any plans for a shield generator? is there a way to layer armor to help displace explosions and shots? in certain games if you leave space between the layers of armor, it actually helps disperse the damage and prevents it from carrying through the next layer.

7. so you log off. where do you appear when you log back in? if it is the same spot you logged out, lets say that its on a ship. if it moves while you are offline and isnt there when you log back in, what happens?

8. seems like the economy is based mostly on mining, pirating, doing jobs for factions, or skills in creating. how difficult is it to start off? how difficult is it to restart if you lose everything?

9. so mining is a huge part of the game. do you trade in the ore for money and buy what you need or do you use the ore to craft the items you need?

Hopefully these arent too annoying or difficult to answer. Thank you for your time


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Aug 9, 2019
1. You can attach pipes and cables to any part you want that is rigidly connected.
So bare frames are ok, but can't pass cables through hinges, turntables, ect.

2. AFAIK there is some amount that is enough (2 plates?), and more won't give you any advantage. Alsod the more bolts you place close to each other, the weaker the connection becomes.

3. ATM explosions damage everything in a certain radius, and you can't use armour to mitigate it. But they plan to change explosion mechanics for more fun (and realistic) at some point. Fuel tanks have rather small blast radius, while active fuel rods can delete large chunk of your ship.

4. Only laser cannon can recharge it's capacitor automatically. ATM robot arms can't be used for reloading, because the object they hold don't snap like those held by player telekinesis. But I'm pretty sure it'll be changed.

5. There is whole Discord community dedicated to learning YOLOL. I haven't tried it yet, but it seems super simple for most applications. Compared do c#, lua and python I played with previously.

6. There are multiple types of armour, and most videos use the weakest one. So hard to tell really.
No plans for shields ATM. Maybe if the meta really require them for balance.
Also shields suck.

7. ATM you log back in the same place you logged out. So if the ship moved - in the middle of nowhere. But there are plans for log-off modules (chairs, cryo chambers, ect.) and ship-based respawn points. Also there are suggestions to make bodies remain in the game world (outside of starting safe zone).

8. It seems that the start is rather easy. You do various touturial jobs for hour or two, learning game mechanics, then you can start exploring and mining on your own.

9. You can do both. Selling ore-buying parts is less profitable, but easier and doesn't require owning refinery.