Notification About Next Patch: Station Building and Change to Rail Cannon's Power Consumption


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Jul 22, 2020
We have a patch planned for later this week which will include the highly-anticipated station building feature, as well as a change to Rail Cannon's power consumption, among other things.

There are going to be some restrictions related to where player stations can be built. Building is not permitted:
* in a 50 km radius from Origin station
* towards Eos from Origin station
* between the Fast Travel Gates
* around the Moon's Travel Gate in a 50 km radius
* in a 100 km radius from the surface of the Moon

Before you get to design and build your station, you need to buy a Station Foundation Blueprint Projector. That should be taken to a suitable location and placed into space. Once activated from a button, the projector will be casting the blueprint of your station foundation, and the building can start! Activating the projector will also create the station storage.

Building can be done manually by placing parts onto the blueprint and welding them, or by using the Building Tool and ore materials, or automatically by using the auto-build feature, which places the parts from your inventory and station storage to the blueprint. Note that the station parts or their ore materials need to be brought to the location in addition to the projector. Once the station foundation is finished, you can access Station Designer through a screen found within the building, and start expanding your station! [Note: this was changed from the original information as you will need to finish building the Foundation Unit before you can access the Station Designer]

However, there currently are some known issues related to station building:
* Multiplayer station building is not yet supported
* Station Foundation Blueprint Projector will disappear if left alone in the universe and it cannot be picked back up to inventory after it is placed!
* Player-made stations' lot renting by other players is currently not supported yet
* Station blueprint info may sometimes not show in the universal tool
* Some station parts may not yet be available in the Marketplace

Player-made stations do not have insurance points and there currently are no means for players to remotely locate them. As this is the case, please keep in mind that the stations that are built far away in the middle of space may be very difficult to find after leaving them. The future addition of transponders will make it easier to find them again.

As this is the first implementation of station building in Starbase, we expect to get a lot of feedback and bug reports. We look forward to hearing and seeing your station plans! Please note that while we don't yet know the extent of the Early Access wipe, it is extremely likely that player stations, along with other in-game possessions, will be wiped before its launch.

On another note, Rail Cannon's power consumption is going to be increasing significantly in this patch to better reflect its effectiveness against other ships. Big ships will still be able to run with multiple rail cannons after this patch, but they will require a fair amount of generators and batteries for them.

As always, please be patient with us and wait for the patch notes and the patch for more information of its contents. :)

Closed Alpha disclaimer:
We have entered a development phase where significant changes are coming in every major patch. These may have a big impact on your gameplay and we are sorry about the inconvenience and possible frustration! Through these updates, the game is starting to come together and pieces are falling into place. We hope that this is also visible to all our players and everybody who follows the game. Regardless we will continue to try and notify our Closed Alpha players of the biggest incoming changes the best we can.
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Aug 9, 2019
@JohannaFB what's the initial form of protection for stations?
Automatic safe zone?
If yes, then how big?
I guess it's invulnerable (no station capturing)?

Or maybe nothing?