Patch notes, Alpha build 142 (14th May, 2020)


Aug 9, 2019
Patch notes, Alpha build 142
  • Asteroid mining reward system rework. Inner material rewards now more when collected via nugget collector
  • Fixed cursor issue with scrollable mining bag
  • Stations now turn ore in stock into refined materials
  • Overal Economy changes
  • Fixed mining bag when equipped from Storage on top of other bags
  • Ore cargo box fixes
  • Added Wedge and Trooper armor sets to Empire Outpost Kite Shop
  • Disabled /shock emote
  • It is now possible to open Inventory and other social screens while in chair
  • Changes to different station modules
  • Fixes and additions to the largest moon
  • Font fixes, player names should now better support multiple languages (does not support Simplified Chinese yet)
  • Hauler, Carrier and Tugger can now be found from SSC pre-made ship list
  • Fixes to various crashes from player reports
  • Ships with no value can now be sold
  • Bug with MFC ids fixed
  • Added sliders for Grab Rotation sensitivity in gameplay settings
  • Sockets cannot be removed anymore if they are connected to something
  • Fix lamps in lots not being properly buildable
  • Added Station chat channel, players near a station automatically join this channel
  • Fix fields with no names not showing up in variable list
  • Fixed ships being duplicated when ship host disconnects, temporarily
  • Material cube pickup only allowed to a mining backpack with existing connections to ship crates.
  • Object being built with the Building Tool must have connection to lot doorway
  • Prevented ore crates from being put to large bag
  • Lighting on marketplace has changed (Testing different lighting stuff)
  • Ship Designer improvements
  • Added ship recover feature to ship spawn terminals
Known Issues (not yet fixed in build 142 patch)
  • If players form a group after mining ore into ore crates, taking ore out from the crate won't work for the new group member and may cause issues with the ores for everyone. It is advised to form groups before mining.
  • Menu tabs stop responding to mouse click after player exits from SSC (they can still be accessed with individual binds I O H J)
  • Dragging stuff in mining bag does not work properly
  • Identified a memory leak in renderer, it's being worked on
  • In some cases, it is possible that in Space Ship Creator Premade blueprint list is empty. Deleting %appdata%/starbase/ssc folder should fix this