Patch notes, update 19.5.2020 (Build 149)


Frozenbyte Developer
Aug 9, 2019
Update 19.5.2020 (Build 149)

Ship Designer & Lot Designer
* Added small hall modules to the "Halls" folder in Lot Designer
* Other Misc Lot Designer changes
* Ship Designer - increase player movement bounds to 100x100x100 km

* Added chat channel cycling to binds menu (Under Controls - Chat)
* Fix for unresponsive tabs in Inventory (CV, Social etc.)

* Finished implementing Ship Recovery. Every ship can now be recovered, for a price. Notes:
** This is ment to be used as a last resort, and the price reflects it. Especially cargo price is ridiculously high. You should seek alternative recovery methods before using this (ie. ask other players to help salvage your cargo). Recovery takes about 75% of the cargo value, and a distance/size based fee from a ship.
** We will change the logic later to take a cut of the cargo instead of asking a price for it
* Box thruster consumes now energy/propellant more like it should be

Ore & Mining & Asteroids
* Prevented all material cube (ores and refined) from being picked up unless an active resource bridge is found
* Fixed cargo crate slot's actual position not updating when inventory is scrolled
* Fixed ships being 'collected' when they are bolted to an asteroid
* Fixed drag not ending when Ore Crate is disconnected while dragging ore
* Updated mining job instructions to match new reward logic
* Changed Modular Ore Cargo Crate inventory slot size to require large slot

* Highlight valid non-frame beams as yellow when the structure has a valid frame + improve visibility of color highlights (esp. red & yellow) + reduce default xray alpha range
* Instead of requiring orthogonal beam (voxel axis) angles, allow 15-deg steps when considering beam validity for the frame (This should make it easier to build oddly shaped frame structures)

* Added Proving Grounds -station on the Kingdom HQ side of the starting area, towards Eos-222. Station has basic shops and a respawn point and it's at the very end of the safe zone, providing fast respawn possibility for those seeking to test their ships pvp capabilities. Note: lacks ship designer but that is being added.

* Fixed lighting around the starting station
* Updated player idle animation (unarmed)

* All Item Collection type items should be now pickable

* Admin tools allow now more recovery options for ships and players in need

Known Issues
* Ship Designers custom ship lods appear in wrong rotation
* Ore that is taken from ore crates by clients might not show up in their Station Storage correctly. The ore can still be sold via ore sell terminals in Marketplace. (Was already present in build 146, fix is still in the works)
* Company chat sometimes incorrectly states that player has no right to speak in company chat
* Space Ship Designer can lock your selection when undoing rotation actions of multiple objects at once, or releasing objects on top of other objects in scene. (you are still able to save your scene)
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