Space Jelly, Thrusters, and Extreme evasion


Active member
Sep 26, 2019
I just don't see how having realistic thrust values, and space drag that is not completely through the roof would be "no real life physics" Space drag is already not real life physics.

I do not want really small or really large thrust values. I'd like a medium where maneuvering is possible, but direction changes are not too fast.


Frozenbyte Developer
Aug 9, 2019
I think if this ever comes an issue we should be able to balance the game enough to counter the issue. Evasive tactic would most likely mean all thrusters and no armor to guarantee light weight, so for example a large area of effect weapon which is relatively weak would be very powerful against evasive crafts. We already have very fast projectiles, large fire rates, guided missiles, large explosion radius etc. which all can be used to counter dodging.

In our tests with our non-evasive but rather manouverable fighters the best tactic is to be sneaky and open fire only when a kill is certain, so the target doesn't have time to react. Of course this can backfire if the target, for example gunship, is being counter-sneaky, and surprise opens fire first at close range.