Starbase Player Council Report - Q1 2022


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Feb 13, 2020
well who are they listing to? cause the only thing the game needs to have working to get more than 200 players loging in is working stations. but i supposed you believe otherwise. its common sense, players need to get out and make something there own, we still cant do this and live in it! but what do i know, i only talk to my gaming community, we where looking at having over 200 players coming but was like "F" this , will be back after we can live in own station! i only repeat what my friends say in our discord!
With the exception of credits you should be able to live at your stations with the upcoming patch next week, as it introduces hangar halls (designer /repair hall).
So until your credits run out you can spawn and repair your ships as you could in a dev station.

And if you find a way to get credits (e.g. through the inbox/mail system for selling blueprints) you can life out there indefinitely.
Nov 1, 2021
the sheer numbers of posts saying why have a council when they can just use public discord and public forums yet have maybe 10-20 posts total themselves are really missing the point, if it worked that way we wouldn't need a focus group.
You may not like it but public threads just turn into chaos, 1 line replies, people not backing up their concerns or queries with any data. not to mention the bitching and arguments that come from people not accepting anothers point of view without picking a fight.
And all that before we get to the point people just not interacting on these platforms, then wondering why they weren't picked or why its not just done here.

This is why FB set up the focus group and if you all cared this much you would be commenting and posting a LOT more than you obviously have been.
oh and discord is entirely not the place to track suggestions and in-depth conversations, like, at all!
Just searching posts from few people each week is a long task, trust me, I do it every week myself...

My issue with this is that, from an external perspective, nothing has changed.

I might BE more represented but if I can't address / be addressed by my representative, only by FB, I cannot KNOW that I am more represented.

The community's line of communication is unchanged and there is an unmeasurable effect on the content of the communication.

It's still just "***** on the forums and maybe someone will notice and ~3 months later I might see a progress report about getting to that problem sometime next year."


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Aug 31, 2021
Players Council discussed that urgently need to make adequate mouse control of the ships?
Many players are tired of waiting for this to happen. . .