Starbase Progress Notes: Week 23 (2020)


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Sep 6, 2019
Starbase Progress Notes: Week 23 (2020)
June 1st - 5th

Hello everyone! You know the drill, it's progress time. Enjoy!


  • Re-design for the Mining Backpack has been made, there is now more slots for items
  • Ore mass and carry limits have been tested in the Mining Job for possible issues
  • New instructions have been added to all Assembly Job workstations
  • Economy and terminals have been added to the new infantry arena
  • Fixes and configurations to the economy are being worked on
  • Design for player to player trade functions are being worked on
  • Design worked on for trade UI changes (player credits moved and standard credit field)
  • Trade safety features, messaging and errors are being worked on
  • In-game chat whisper logic has been updated to work better with new player names
  • Shop Item description should now correctly show keybinds if item has keybind info written to the description
  • Floor lights have been added to the Asteroid Mining Job workstations
  • Ore storage towers have been relocated in stations: Capital Imperial (Origin), Empire Outpost and Kingdom Outpost
  • Marketplace's landing platforms are now reserved for landing only; ships can be spawned in the take-off docks
  • Issue where some Lot Designer modules can't be placed in their corresponding lot area sizes is being worked on
  • "Mini station U" has been changed, in preparation for an upcoming battle event
  • Player made ships have been added to the marketplace and to the economy ("Aphelios" made by TGess and "Mule" made by Okim)
  • Ship "Anubis" is now available in Ship showroom
  • Premade ships have been updated due to a durability fix
Spaceship Designer
  • Rotate tool "Tick Amount" & "Rotation speed" settings have been added to Tool Options
  • Move tool "Unrestricted Movement With Camera" setting has been added to Tool options window
  • Snap Tool "Snap Tool Lock Time" setting has been added to Tool Options window
Lot Designer
  • Plans made to start implementing Interior Designer to function alongside with Lot Designer


  • Fixing tool only highlighting each targeted hologram once has been fixed
  • Issues with headlamp lighting up equipped tools excessively have been fixed
  • Headlamp light staying in the scene after the player exits has been fixed
  • An issue where headlamp keybind getting bound twice when resetting all binds to defaults has been fixed
  • Headlamps don't cause visual 'syncing' to other players anymore
  • Programmable progress bar panels having empty variable name field name by default has been fixed
  • Server support for player-to-player trading has been partially implemented
  • An issue caused by resource networks has been fixed
  • Cables and pipes are now destroyed when grabbing a part of a structure connected by them alone
  • Durability fixes (frame beams no longer created by two connections to only one other beam; beams connected to thruster bases are also validated more accurately)
  • Durability warnings added for (otherwise valid) non-frame beams
  • Durability visualization adjusts exposure
  • Autobolter support has been added for non-orthogonal (currently, the 30-degree) beams
  • Lifeline now stuns warped players for a while, during which they can only sit into chairs
  • Regular point snapping has been optimized, so that it can be used with larger objects
User Interface
  • Rendering and dragging have been added for slots in the trade area
  • An issue with swapping between crate slots and station storage has been fixed
  • Items now show up in the correct size in the trade grid
  • Dragged items now disappear in the source inventories
  • A check for space has been added for offered items
  • 'Request trade' option has been added to social tab context menu
  • Trade window now open and close for both players.
  • Ellipse, line and freeform tools have been added to the Feedback tool's screenshot editor
Spaceship Designer
  • Scene saving and loading while MUUS is currently active has been prevented
  • An issue where "File / Open premade blueprint" unexpectedly opens the remote blueprint dialog if the current scene is empty has been fixed
  • Missing localized values have been added to the save error popup when the user attempts to save an invalid scene
  • Lot terminal blueprint controls have been hidden from non-admins
  • Rotate tool, move tool and snap tool settings have been added to tool options window
  • An issue that prevented the rotation (and sometimes move-) tool from being used after switching tools has been fixed


  • Unarmed run/walk strafe animation has changed: affected animations are being worked on, so they work correctly with the new strafe
  • Crouch stop animations have been polished
  • Rifle crouch stop animations are in the making
  • Clap and mid-air death animations are in the making
  • First version of holograms have been added to Capital Imperial (Origin) station
  • Ore Storage Towers updated: four color variants made and lights added
  • "Barricade tape" decals have been deleted from multiple decorative station objects
  • LOD mesh and textures in small Ship Design Workshops' lounge areas have been updated
  • Both small and large Ship Design Workshops' farLODs have been updated: Unnecessary interior windows removed, and textures and tintmasks changed.
  • Textures and tintmasks for both small and large Asteroid Collection halls' farLODs have been updated
  • LOD/farLOD have been added to hall module "Prospector Shop 1 A"
  • Tonemap updated: Brightness increased, specifically in darker areas
  • Spaceship Designer's work area decorations have been updated
  • Proper textures have been added for the remote explosive
  • Sharp L size rocks for asteroids have been made
  • A total of 35 ice asteroids have been created
  • The weapon effects of laser rifle have been improved
  • Lights have been removed from projectiles and weapon hit effects
  • Icons have been updated and added for the following tools: Building tool, Pipe tool, Cable tool, Welding tool, Bolt tool and Saw tool


Week23_Starbase_bigger_tool_icons.jpg Week23_Starbase_ice_asteroids.jpg Week23_Starbase_snow_asteroid_medium.jpg Week23_Starbase_tools_remote_detonator.jpg


As always, feel free to ask any questions regarding these progress notes!
And if you haven't yet, go add Starbase to your Steam wishlist!
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Aug 9, 2019
But what if we had this stuff now? hmmmmmmmmm thonkery, but actually this looks great, hyped for the next update in alpha

[QS] Combustible

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Aug 9, 2019
does it have a timer, a cooldown, and does it get turned off during combat?

EDIT: or do you have a link with the info on it i could please read?
No timer or cooldown, it’s just a (possibly temporary) feature to protect you when you fall off your ship.
May 16, 2020
SFX had me a little confused on the Ore Storage Lights video, made me think that someone ominous was going to happen. Otherwise very enjoyable and can't wait to play!


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Aug 9, 2019
i hope its temporary, otherwise sneaky hijacks wont be possible at all with that dragging a player back to their ship.


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Oct 17, 2019
We can buy other players' ship in marketplace?That's not good for the creativity of players.