Starbase Progress Notes: Week 29 (2020)


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Sep 6, 2019
Starbase Progress Notes: Week 29 (2020)
July 13th - 17th

Hello everyone. Here are the progress notes of Week 29, hope you enjoy!


  • Design for a HUD editor is being worked on
  • Blueprint tab design for Universal Tool is underway
  • Demolition Job has been tested: technical core features are mostly ready, polishing will start next week
  • Design work for Decal Tool has started
  • UI design for Auction House's blueprints is underway
  • General shop page has been updated: outdated sorting elements have been changed to up to date ones
  • The shop page layout has been reworked to accommodate the design of the item info screen
Stations/Lot Designer
  • Medium Hall 17 has been remodeled to fit the "Lot size - Small" -category, and is now called Small Hall 11
  • Medium Hall 18 is now called Medium Hall 13, due to the previous 13 being updated into a large one
Spaceship Designer
  • 30 Degree plates have been moved to "Special Plates" (Plates)
  • 30 Degree beams have been moved to "Special Beams" (Beams)
  • Cable & Pipe tool magazine capacity has been increased (100->300)


  • Lamps are now buildable and unweldable in lots
  • Players can now use one-handed tools and weapons while Universal Tool is open and crosshair mode is on
  • Material tab now shows what material the pointed object / blueprint is made of
User Interface
  • An issue with removing mining backpack when ores are vacuumed has been fixed
  • The building layout and styling in the refuel menu have been updated
Spaceship Designer
  • LOD generation options have been added to Spaceship Designer
  • Save module tooltip being drawn wrongly has been fixed
  • Module folders being closed when a module is selected has been fixed


Animations and Emotes
  • Work on remote explosive related animation continues
  • Emote_point animation updated
  • Issue with emotes not playing correctly in pilot chair has been fixed
  • New emote_knock1 has been finished
  • Emote_halt is underway
Stations/Lot Designer
  • Exterior decorations on the biggest hall of the marketplace shops set is underway
  • Holograms/lightstrips have been added to VIS_empire_hq
  • Updated farLOD model and texture maps have been added to Command Center (Large)
  • Updated farLOD models and texture maps have been added to parts of VIS Headquarters A and Empire VIS Headquarters (tower models vis_office_floor and vis_office_floor_base)
  • Imperial capital station holograms have been updated to match the new gridslot changes
  • Large hall 4 has been redesigned to fit the large lot area and has been added to the Lot Designer
  • Small Hall 9 has been added to the Lot Designer
  • Flamer VFX has been updated, and FPS drop issues resolved
  • Gauss Rifle FX has been updated
  • Autocannon muzzle flash has been updated
  • Plasma turrets projectile and muzzle flash have been updated
  • Inventory icons have been updated for Arclighter, Bolter, Plasma Rifle, Laser Rifle, Long Rifle and Rail Rifle
  • Gauss rifle ADS fire animation recoil has been reduced
  • Mounted weapon and autocannon textures have been updated with better quality versions
  • Image asset has been added for the Spaceship Designer Material tool icon
  • Player Ship shop variation 2 is in the making


Week29_Starbase_levelart_vis_empire_hq_holograms.jpg Week29_Starbase_levelart_vis_empire_hq_holograms_2.jpg Week29_Starbase_levelart_vis_empire_hq_holograms_3.jpg Week29_Starbase_Lightstrips_02.jpg Week29_Starbase_mounted_weapon_paintjobs_example.jpg Week29_Starbase_mounted_weapons_autocannon_textures.jpg Week29_Starbase_mounted_weapons_mount_textures.jpg Week29_Starbase_updated_weapon_icons.jpg


As always, feel free to ask any questions regarding these progress notes!
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Jun 8, 2020
I love your weekly reports. Your work is amazing. Thank you very much for everything what are you doing for us, who waiting for this magnificent game.
Aug 10, 2019
These mounted weapons look awesome! Something to fill the gap between puny infantry weapons and full ship cannons.
I hope they're:
- Mouse controlled
- Provide some armor plating to gunner
- Can eventually be mounted on both ships and station lots


New member
Jul 19, 2020
I think the permitted use of one armed weapons is really interesting cause when you use the universal too you (as far as I know) put your arm in front of your torso creating a little bit of protection which can be vital
Jun 13, 2020
Those new mounted weapons would be great on smaller ships that can’t fit the gunner seat! Can’t wait to see different variations in the future