Starbase Progress Notes: Week 3 (2022) - Weapons and tools insight


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Sep 6, 2019

Hello everyone, here are the progress notes of the week 3 of 2022!

This week's progress notes give insight into what's new with different weapons and tools. The focus is on Tripod and infantry weapons, as well as some of the new tool updates and additions.

You can find the latest extensive overview of all items in development, including features related to combat and tools, in last week's progress notes: Starbase Progress Notes: Week 2

Please note that the "Progress Notes" are different from the Starbase "Patch Notes". Progress Notes are snippets from the development team and what has been worked on during the previous week, and many of the features might not be present in the current or upcoming builds of the Starbase Early Access. Some features, especially in the design portion, can be subject to change as the development continues.


Starbase Progress Notes: Week 3 (2022) - Weapons and tools insight
January 17 - 21
  • ❌ = Not started
  • 🟡 = In progress
  • ✔️ = Completed
  • ➖️ = Not applicable (work not required in this phase)
Tripod weapons
Feature Description Design Art Code
New Tripod weapons Configuring and creating the needed visuals for the two new Tripod weapons, Tripod Plasma and Tripod Laser. ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Feedback displays for Tripods Tripod weapons get new feedback displays that show how much ammo they have left and how many reloadable magazines there are in the inventory. ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Charging time display For Tripod weapons that need charging, such as the Tripod Laser, the feedback display also shows the charge time in addition to ammo and magazine count. ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Tripods on player stations Tripod weapons can be placed on player stations and used to defend them. ✔️ ➖️ ✔️
Tripods in Ship Designer Support for placing Tripod weapons on ships while in the Ship Designer. ✔️ ➖️ ❌

Handheld weapons
Feature Description Design Art Code
Feedback displays for weapons Similar to Tripods, all handheld weapons also get new feedback displays that tell the player how much ammo and how many additional magazines they have in their inventory. ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Weapons with a built-in screen For some specific weapons, like the Antigel Rifle and the Gauss Rifle, the feedback is displayed on a built-in screen on the weapon itself. ✔️ ✔️ ✔️

Handheld tools
Feature Description Design Art Code
Feedback displays for tools Tools also get similar feedback displays as weapons, which show the remaining resource used (for example cable or bolts) as well as how many magazines more you have in your inventory. For some tools, like the Bolt Tool and the Cutting Tool, the feedback is displayed on a built-in screen that is part of the tool. ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Displays for tools using Power Packs For tools that require Power Packs, the feedback display shows the remaining power as well as the number of additional Power Packs in your inventory. ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Feedback display for the Paint Tool The feedback display for the Paint Tool shows the remaining amount of paint, as well as the selected paint color and which object layer you are currently painting on. ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Paint Tool improvements Several tweaks to the Paint Tool have already been made, for example the addition of paint layers as well as reduced paint consumption for larger objects. A new option for adjusting the size of the area that gets painted is currently in the works. ✔️ ✔️ 🟡
Ship Deeds Deeds are tools related to spaceship ownership and trade. With a Registration Deed, you can claim an unowned spaceship as your own. An Ownership Deed lets you sell your despawned ships and a Salvage Deed those that are spawned somewhere in the universe. In addition, a Test Fly Deed can be used to test the ships before purchase. Lastly, the Hacked Deed allows you to steal any spaceship outside of Safe Zone. The first of the bunch, the Registration Deed, has just been added to PTU. ✔️ ✔️ 🟡


Prognotes_w3_furniture_industrial_lamp.jpg Prognotes_w3_furniture_industrial_lamp_b_corner.jpg Prognotes_w3_furniture_lamp_concept.jpg Prognotes_w3_furniture_smart_casual_billboard_a.jpg Prognotes_w3_furniture_smart_casual_billboard_a_2.jpg Prognotes_w3_furniture_smart_casual_billboard_b.jpg Prognotes_w3_furniture_smart_casual_lamp_b.jpg Starbase_furniture_new_furniture.jpg Starbase_furniture_smart_casual_barstool_a.jpg



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Dec 10, 2019
I really like the ammo counters. Have alternate positions for the ammo counters, at least when it comes to the tripod weapons, been considered? I think that they might be less obtrusive if they are placed below the sights rather than beside them.


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Jan 14, 2022
Im glad that we are going to be able to place tripods in the designer, and they are looking great. But in order to use them in pvp we will need a way to find other people that don't have their transponders on since they are smart players.

Can we have an update or some information on the status of radiation tracking?


Well-known endo
Oct 1, 2021
Even if the number of furniture in the station increases, the simplified display of the station will be ruined.
Jan 8, 2021
Are the salvage deeds going to give some sort of indication for where the ship to be salvaged is located? Or is it going to be 100% upto the player to figure out where the ship is located?
Sep 27, 2021
I'm most certainly very late to the party here, but the weapons both look and sound AWESOME especially the plasma one (I don't know the name, it's the one that shoots blue projectiles, 1st weapon in the 3rd video). Loving the ammo counters, even though they're still WIP which I appreciate.

Very excited to use these!