Starbase Progress Notes: Week 35 (2020)


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Sep 6, 2019
Starbase Progress Notes: Week 35 (2020)
August 24th - 28th

Hello everyone. Here are the progress notes of Week 35, hope you enjoy!


  • Two versions of Urchin have been added to the Demolition Job
  • Demolition Job rewards have been tested and balanced
  • Refuel terminals have been added to ore towers
  • Radioactive materials and trade design have been worked on
User Interface
  • The foundations of the Advertisement Designer were tasked
  • The finalization of the Ship info page design is in the works
  • Work Hub update:
    • Assembly hall has been removed
    • Hall for the upcoming repair job has been placed
    • Platform for landing and take-off has been added
  • Weapon and Ammunition -terminals' locations have been adjusted
  • Take-off terminals and instancing areas have been placed to various landing platforms


  • Cargo Beam devices properly update their power consumption and no longer lock onto their own structure
  • Torque deadzone adaptation should now be stable also in ships with multiple FCUs
  • Cables and pipes in ship blueprints can be fixed using Cable/Pipe Tool
    • Cables and pipes layers have been added to blueprint tab in Universal Tool, uncategorized layer has been merged with miscellaneous layer
  • Bolts, cables and pipes should no longer be worth extra credits when in stacks
  • Ammo stack creation now also sets the primary material for the stack instead of leaving it invalid
  • A bug with item collections not being listed in sell terminals has been fixed
User Interface
  • Density calculation has been fixed
  • A bug with tooltips values not being initialized, causing UI to sometimes show incorrect values, has been fixed
  • A bug that allowed moving ores and items too big to fit inventory slots from stations / world to the player inventory has been fixed
  • Item pickup sound, when picking up items with a shortcut key, has been fixed
Spaceship Designer
  • Budget window now counts cables and bolts towards the total voxel volume
  • An exception has been added to allow cable sockets to overlap with other objects
  • Ship integrity visualization can now be toggled on/off from the button


Animations and Emotes
  • Aiming at buttons/monitors animations have been improved
  • New pickaxe hacking animations have been worked on
  • Stop animations have been polished
  • Work hub level art and holograms have been updated
  • Updated Workhub sign has been added for Demolition Job
  • Missing farLOD from demolish_hall found in the work_hub_station has been re-added
  • Duplicate farLOD pieces found from some grid_slot_scenes have been removed
  • PvP Station colors have been updated: clear team starting points and neutral areas
  • Lighting has been updated in Mass Transit Corner Stop and Mass Transit Side Stop
  • Legacy assets have been removed from station hall small modules and level art checked and fixed
  • Level art in medium and large Spaceship Designer Halls have been updated due to legacy assets being removed
  • Updated inventory icons have been added for: Sentinel Rifle, Tactical Shotgun and Grenade Launcher
  • Empty shell asset has been created for Long Rifle
  • Mining Saw spark texture has been worked on and electrical arc reload effect has been added
  • Updated mining backpack texturing is in progress
  • Mesh and textures have been created for blueprint projector asset


Week35_Starbase_Blueprint_projector_01.jpg Week35_Starbase_Blueprint_projector_02.jpg Week35_Starbase_level_art_workhub_update_2.jpg Week35_Starbase_updated_weapon_icons.jpg


As always, feel free to ask any questions regarding these progress notes!
And if you haven't yet, go add Starbase to your Steam wishlist!
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Oct 3, 2019
Where and when would you use the mining saw? It appears to smash holes like a sledgehammer and there's already something similar in SB, right? I mean a pickaxe may be slower but it still gets the job done without draining batteries.

The laser cutters *appears* more precise at first, but unless you can control the beam length, it's pointless in construction.


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Aug 9, 2019
@Atsuい saw has a lot uses to it that is of the non delicate type. so for instance u find a abandon ship but has a good guns on it, i would use the laser tool to be more precise when removing it. saw will be good for quick tear downs, you can probably think of some uses... ;)

i do one for ya: Scene - A ship approaches one of the ten moons, this one controlled by the So and So Cooperation. The ship lands a few miles back from the SaS CO main facility. They unload two smaller crafts with a 5 man crew managing the two ships, leaving one behind to monitor and protect their main vessel and to be ready. This rag tag crew of rebellious freedom fighters is led by Atsuい with hopes of scoring enough supplies and equipment to continue their rebellion against the Vast Evil Galactic Cooperation. They land the smaller cruisers behind some rocky terrain absent to the eyes of others. He sends two of his men to quietly move amongst the population planting explosive devices among their shipyard and guard outposts. While Atsuい and the other two men of his crew go and setup behind the storage facility with Saws to eat through the exterior quickly when given the command. Atsuい orders his bombmen to detonate the explosives causing chaos and confusion pulling most if not all attention from the space station towards the explosion. During which Atsuい and his other two crewmen begin to quickly saw through the exterior walls into the storage facility. They are now alone with all of the goods from SaS Corp and with the confusion outside, no one is considering their valuables are currently unprotected. Atsuい and his two crewmen drop their saws and start loading their smaller cruiser with as much cargo as they can. At same time his bombmen have quietly slipped away and are on their way back to the main vessel. Not to far behind them is Atsuい with the stolen goods to aid their war effort against the Galactic Tyranny. The crew hurries and loads their bounty and quickly make a getaway to deep orbit. Another successful mission and step towards freeing the people from the great threat stretching across the endless black ocean. The End!

LoL fun huh! Possibilities are out there for everything, can't wait to have fun with this game.