Starbase Progress Notes: Week 40


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Sep 6, 2019
Starbase Progress Notes: Week 40
Here are the progress notes from the week 40!


  • Bolt profile added to the cargo crate base and the cargo crate example map updated
  • Asteroid mining job testing
  • Assembly job hall layout tweaked, hall built from modular pieces
  • Station inventories and resources: plan for implementation steps, utility device details designed
  • Ship turret device system improved: ammunition information added to turret ammo structs
  • Designs for Company stations, lots and main page
  • VIS rebuild: bottom level readjusted for slanted triangles
  • Spaceship Creator Terminals placed to ship assembly halls
  • Faction showrooms and dock decals updated
  • Cargo crates and holders can now be assembled
  • Ship creator's devices tested, many of the gadgets now work
  • Mega station creator's default settings updated to enable 45 degree rotation
  • Slot connector module tweaked


  • Durability unregistered for broken joint devices added
  • Cargo frames updates and fixes
  • Mag boots: Now get magnetized only when the object the player is on can't be pushed
  • Explosion fixes: shock wave applied to pieces that are split apart by the explosion
  • Spawn syncing optimized in projectiles
  • Various durability features adjusted
  • Support added for ignored joints in the connected actors query to physics
  • A virtual, non-physical joint between the mover and the rail added
  • Latch part type changed to improve structural durability handling
  • Damage: Resource containers reducing capacity when damaged fixed
  • Threaded and spread object placement implemented and collision checks
User interface
  • Locale tool not finding correct locale keys fixed
  • Maintainability improvements finished
  • Chat: Style and layout related updates
  • Tool documentation updated
  • Roster menu now has an add member popup window and close button for member information
  • Clipboard functionality added to company menu
  • Member medal images and rank imaged added to the member information UI
Starbase Spaceship Creator
  • Blueprint terminal added that allows spawning blueprints into the game world
  • Autosave saves now directly into the blueprint server when a blueprint is open
  • Shop server adjustments: now prevents purchases that result in too many inventory entries
  • Price server memory and its consumption examinations
  • Texture reloading issue fixed when changing textures and tint mask index fixes
  • Volymetric fog fixes


  • Ship showroom farlod fixed, updated and finished
  • Maintenance hall lobby: Baked textures and tintmask adjusted and fixed and details added
  • Command center farlod with baked textures updated
  • Tintmask fixes for mega stations and farlods
  • Command center deco for downstairs underway
  • Maintenance hall level art updates
  • Missile launcher: Sliding lock updated and launch tubes enlarged to fix collision issues
  • Fps weapons: concepts underway involving devices/magazines for Arclighter and Reaper cannon
  • Reaper cannon textures updated
  • Arclighter idle effect updated
  • Signs modeled, adjusted and completed for texturing
  • Pipe tool design tweaked
  • Voxel model recolouring fixes
  • Rail textures updated and cargo crate voxel collision fixes
  • Voxel collision fixes for cargo crates and weapon crates
  • UI icons: Icons finished for gas containers, fuel rods and cooling cells
  • UI icons: Icon created that indicates damaged items in inventory

Gallery of the week

Click here for full-sized images:
Week40_Starbase_big_sign_concept_megastations.jpg Week40_Smallhallstart3.jpg Week40_Starbase_bigger_asteroid2.jpg Week40_Starbase_weapons_reaper_cannon_bg.jpg


As always, feel free to ask any questions regarding these progress notes!
And if you haven't yet, go add Starbase to your Steam wishlist!
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Aug 17, 2019
Now that's a thing I didn't knew was in the game, can they be YOLOL controlled?
Do it force both sides to snap if they are slightly misaligned?


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Sep 28, 2019
OH I can't wait for this game #soonTM XD. That turret video and drone-like control is freaking cool, is there gonna be some kind of camera or perspective-changing device you can put on the object being controlled?
Aug 14, 2019
It's really cool to see the progress that you guys can make in just one week, the game is on my wishlist since 06/08/2019, 4 months waiting, I'm almost sure(depends of the price) that I will buy it when it releases. Very nice work! #SoonTM


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Oct 13, 2019
I'm curious to know, the animation isn't too human for a robot?
I love concept we play robot and i pretty sad to see that human type reload.

Use a rotary wrist to screw the loader of laser rifle for example


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Aug 9, 2019
I'm curious to know, the animation isn't too human for a robot?
I love concept we play robot and i pretty sad to see that human type reload.

Use a rotary wrist to screw the loader of laser rifle for example
We are humanoid robots. It makes no sense in space in the first place.
Floating ball with manipulators and hard mounted guns belt fed from internal magazine is the logical alternative.

I'm fine with both current and logical approaches, but doing anything in-between those two seems inconsistent.