Starbase Progress Notes: Week 5


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Sep 6, 2019
Starbase Progress Notes: Week 5
Hello everyone! It is time for another week's worth of progress notes. After the newest trailer that showcased moons and planets, we can now share more details on the development that we previously kept secret! We hope you continue to enjoy these.
January 27th - 31st


  • Assembly Hall station modules updated with fixed level art
  • Cargo Crate configurations tested, after some code rework the Crates now work properly
  • New single entity object created from the new Cargo Crate components
  • Economy configurations: new items added to market, infantry weapon pricing adjusted and general economy rule adjustments were made
  • Insurance transfer terminals added to the new station
  • Autocannon electricity usage increased from 110 to 150 per bullet
  • Autocannon projectile velocity reduced from 900 to 800
  • Utility panels:
    • Design for UI that players use to move resources (power, propellant, building materials) between station storage and lot/ship devices
    • Design for basic alternative, automatically providing devices with resources from storage
  • Station storage:
    • Design for updated station item storage UI logic, targeting better filtering and sorting of item grid
    • Design for shop UI adjustments improving interaction with station storage
  • Skyscraper modules have been updated to minimize the needed module and instance amount
  • Station lot areas have been made compatible with the upcoming Utility panel
  • Capital Imperial A's missing MapPartNames have been added
  • Landing platforms in Capital Imperial A have been relocated due to possible collisions with the public transport
  • Collisions caused by the "slanted triangle" asset update have been fixed
  • Twist handles for propellant containers added for Zilant
  • Cable added to Lancer, to fix an issue where lever was not connected to the data network
  • Mining laser and mining laser controls removed from Ithaca V2 and V4


  • An issue fixed, where camera panning to YOLOL chip resulted in an unplayable game state when the chip was destroyed
  • YOLOL chip is now locked when pressing escape while zoomed into it
  • Support added for safezones that are larger than a single universe cell
  • Chat notifications for leaving/approaching/entering safe zones have been added
  • Building tool now restores object armor/environment damage as well as voxel damage
  • Showroom ships loading into the main menu fixed
  • Support added for cargo crates having the latch on the crate rather than the lid
  • Sitting rotation restrictions updated, feature implemented for pilot chairs
  • Custom ships can now be created via SSC
  • Client showing incorrect prices for some items fixed
  • Economy now treats bolts, cables and pipes within ships correctly
User Interface
  • An issue where materials dropped to the world spawned in wrong sized cubes has been fixed
  • Dragging not starting when pressing LMB and dragging item out of equipment slots has been fixed
  • Weapon with magazine not reloading on the first try after logging has been fixed
  • Opening animation has been added to the main menu's message box
  • Damage signalling has been updated
  • Main menu state has been implemented
  • Background music in SSC has been fixed
  • Tracking of aggressive players added to detect end of battle better


Art notes
  • VIS headquarters has been fully updated with level art
  • New logo sign pieces have been made
  • Texture stretching on device rack cores and the new socket to the socket core have been added
  • Thruster textures and tintmasks have been finished
  • UI inventory category icons have been updated
  • Resource Grid Utility Panel and Resource Grid Utility Box have been added (allow transfer of resources between station storage and devices)
  • Alpha moons have been updated
  • Backpacks: Thruster pack textures updated and paintjobs added
  • Armor sets: All base armor pieces were fixed to have white base colour
  • New asteroids made and some distance/size tests made with them
  • Asteroid base material microdetail/color adjustments and testing has been made
  • The depth based emission of particles modified (reducing particles based on distance)
  • Particles added to thrusters
  • Existing flamer effect reworked and new hit effect made for it
  • The laser turret hit effect updated with depth settings
  • Landing animations have been polished



Click for full-sized images:
Week05_Rough_asteroid_material_variant_test_wip.jpg Week05_Small_asteroid_material_test.jpg Week05_Starbase_device_rack_chip_cores_texture_fix_and_new_socket.jpg Week05_Starbase_moon_material4.jpg Week05_Starbase_resource_grid_panel.jpg Week05_Starbase_thrusters_green_tint.jpg Week05_UI_inventory_category_icons.jpg Week05_VIS_level_art.jpg Week05_VIS_level_art2.jpg Week05_VIS_level_art3.jpg


What to do when an important cable is cut, leaving both FCU and controls on the wrong side, and the Cable Tool fell to space? You get creative. The entire flight took almost two hours, starting from deep inside the asteroid field, and involved three previous solution attempts, including direct control of thrusters via Universal Tool, and one previous YOLOL chip which also was accidentally taken off from the wall. Note: YOLOL chip used is part of ships automation and the first four lines are the actual use for the chip

As always, feel free to ask any questions regarding these progress notes!
And if you haven't yet, go add Starbase to your Steam wishlist!
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Nov 28, 2019
wow, the flame thrower looks surprisingly really, really good. I also love how that skyscraper part looks! keep it up! seriously though, the flames look so. damn. good. those flames were the best I've seen in a game. Shit, I just rewatched it, and I rerealized how correct I was
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Bob Ross

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Dec 9, 2019
How does gravity work on moons? Do they just have a sphere of influence? Also, does this mean orbital things are possible?
Aug 9, 2019
Looks very good! There was a point at 2:48 in the last video, where the ship was approaching the station, that just made me absolutely geek out. Keep up the good work, my friends!
Oct 3, 2019
That last video was the best. Knowing I can pick up a yolol chip that has secret coordinates in it for example and have auto-pilot take me there.:unsure: At least that would be one common use. More time to pimp-up the ship lighting because Man! It looks so bleak and dark inside your ship. Increase brightness a bit and vóila.

fixed colors.jpg