TI Alloys [A Mining and Cargo Faction]

Oct 14, 2019
[TI Alloys]
[Discord]: https://discord.gg/TvXf6Wh

We are now Hiring!

We are a subsidiary of [SkyJak Industries] striving to develop a large industrial operation focused on Mining, Refining, and Shipping. We are looking for active, mature members to further the structure of our operations throughout the various regions.

Here is our network:

[Mining & Refining]:

The Mining Network provides the majority of resources to be used for trade and manufacturing, as well as refining for easier transportation. It is a vital network for our operations, and will be the primary focus of the faction.
We are looking for skilled members to participate in mining expeditions and developing multiple refinery outposts.

[Trade & Diplomacy]:

The Trading Network provides transportation of resources from various outposts to allied factions while also carrying out provided contracts from other corporations. This branch is necessary to form diplomatic relations with other factions and to develop efficient logistic networks and trade routes.


The Engineering Complex strives to develop only the highest quality ships with cutting edge designs and YOLO code. Our shipyards produce beautiful and reliable Mining and Transport vessels, including custom orders.
We are looking for skilled designers with experience in programming, 3D modeling, and logistics to ensure we can produce only the best machinery for our consumers.

To apply, please join our discord!