Update 10.3.2021 (Alpha 383)


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Sep 6, 2019

Update 10.3.2021 (Alpha 383)

New Features and Major Updates
  • Volumetric lighting to lamps (work in progress)
    • Added options "Volumetric Lamps" and "Volumetric Lamps Area Mode" to Settings -> Graphics
    • Disabled by default
Known Issues
  • -

Patch Notes

  • Modified Rocket Launcher animations
  • Polished 3rd person standing and prone melee animations
  • Added snap points to Plasma Thruster Nozzle Collar
  • Added bolt profile to Audio Signal Device
  • Added details and fixed shading issues Plasma Thruster parts
  • Added inventory icons for modular buttons and Switch 12x24 cm
  • Updated Curved Window F 192x264x384 cm snap points
  • Updated interior to a roof and a skyscraper entrance LODs
  • Updated multiple skyscraper LODs
  • Changed correct inventory icon for Panel Base
Auction House
  • Added station tax to Sell tab
  • Item containers will leave their extra content at Station Storage when put to auction
    • Affects items like backpacks and weapons with magazines
    • The auctioned item can be dragged back with all contained items still stored inside if listing is not completed
  • Added different ship sounds depending of the ship size
    • Acceleration and deceleration
    • Fly-by sounds
  • Fixed lever handles moving out of the lever base after changing LeverState values
  • Fixed Ship Voucher uses affecting station economy
  • Removed player-made ship Midge from economy
  • Fixed Laser Cannon effects sometimes appearing behind the barrel and not being visible at certain angles
  • Increased Plasma Cannon electricity consumption per shot from 1000 to 2500
  • Fixed dragging item causing all materials to show material circles in the inventory
  • Made links unclickable in Company tab -> News
Missiles and Torpedoes
  • Prevented launching missiles and torpedoes in safe zones
    • Missiles and torpedoes that are launched towards a safe zone and enter it, will disappear
  • Fixed a whole ship getting deleted if missiles that were bolted to the ship exploded
Interior Designer
  • Fixed Furniture category not appearing in Asset Browser
  • Added options to enable volumetric lighting to lamps (Settings -> Graphics)
Ship Shops
  • Test Flight
    • Ships now spawn to the nearest spawn area in Test Flight mode
  • Updated player-made ships
    • Aelsa A
    • Alfrigg A
    • Axiom
    • Bumble
    • Draco
    • Hopbox LCOT202
    • Keg
    • Magnus II & Magnus IIMN
    • Malamute & Malamute II
    • Mammoth
    • Manta
    • Mare
    • Marmot-24, Marmot-48, Marmot-72 & Marmot-PS
    • Mastodon
    • Merchantman
    • Mercury
    • Merino
    • Modulus FR & Modulus RP
    • Momento
    • Moonfish Quadro (previously known as Moonfish Trio)
    • Moti Double (previously known as Moti)
    • Mover
    • Mule III
    • Myrmidon II
    • RockHopper
    • Stibnite
    • Tabletka
    • Talon
    • Trident Scooter, Trident T1, Trident T2 & Trident T3
    • Veggr A
    • Worker Ant
  • Updated dev-made ships
    • Kodiak
    • Romulus
    • Serf
  • Removed ships from the developer ship shop
    • Gofer
    • Ithaca V1
    • Ithaca V4
    • Mason
    • Ocelot
    • Peon
    • Tugger
    • Twin Vasama
    • Vasama
    • Vasama Vanette
    • Vector
  • Updated ship descriptions
    • "Antares" Twin Frame Freighter
    • Javelin Mk.2b1
    • Javelin Mk.2b2
    • Magnus II
    • Mite
    • Momento
    • Myrmidon II
Ship Designer
  • Added Virtual Mass and Thruster Field Name tools to the main toolbar
  • Fixed some blueprints opening out-of-bounds even though the scene had enough room for the ship
  • Fixed Automatic Thruster Naming "Name all field names" and "Reset all field names" controls that ceased to work after visiting Test Mode
  • Fixed a typo in "Decal Circle" name
  • Fixed Enhancer Module numeric tier order
    • Tier 3 module is now the best one, and Tier 1 is the worst
  • Swapped Okim 1 and 2 ship shop locations in Origin station
  • Kingdom Outpost B
    • Added station transponder
    • Added Insurance Transfer Point
Station Designer
  • Fixed entering Station Designer failing occasionally
  • Remote Explosives
    • Fixed picked up charges being moved into a stack of empty Remote Explosive Containers if other containers were not available in the inventory
  • Welding Tool
    • Prevented freewelding hinges and other jointed objects to stations
  • Increased maximum amount of received signals to 50
  • Fix for DynamicSkySystem asserts that occasionally appeared when starting the game


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Mar 27, 2020
Added Virtual Mass and Thruster Field Name tools to the main toolbar
everything in this is great. Especially the pt nerf.

But cluttering the toolbar doesn't seem like the way to go tbh. It just becomes harder and harder to use with every item you add because newer peps get overloaded with options they don't need. And advanced users have to clutter their ui with stuff they rarely need.

EDIT: Toolbar seems to be a very broad term. They didn't add it to the "Toolbar" but to the toolbar where you enable and disable ui elements. Yayy
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