Update 14.4.2021 (Alpha 416)


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Sep 6, 2019

Update 14.4.2021 (Alpha 416)

New Features
  • New device: Material Point Scanner
    • Scans a component or an asteroid materials with a ray
    • Material information is stored in the device and can be read via YOLOL from device fields (Material and Volume)
    • If scanned component has several materials each material are shown on their own "Index"-value starting from 0 up
  • Added Station Access Page to Player Stations
    • Currently allows players to change the visibility of the station transponder
  • Added Transponder settings in Settings Menu
  • Added two new Material slots to Mining Backpack
  • Mining Backpack standard slots now support ore stacks up to 216kv
Known Issues
  • Missiles and torpedoes do not fly straight
  • Ore slot size indication is not relative to max slot capacity
  • Splitting ore to slots in Mining Backpack does not work

Patch Notes

  • Added new prone transition animations for unarmed and rifle type weapons
  • Assault Rifle's extractor now correctly animates when firing the weapon
  • Polished rifle prone-to-stand animation
  • Added additional art inside work hub's job hall modules
  • Updated module large hall LODs to match the modules after the windows had been updated
Auction House
  • Changed button positions in 2D UI to make more room for long item names
  • Updated Ship acceleration sounds
  • Tweaked attenuation curves to work better with pseudo-surround headphones and head tracking
  • Audio Signal Device
    • Added Sonar ping in Audio Signal Device slot 23
    • Fix to allow proper synchronization of Audio Signal Device positions
  • Mining Laser
    • Fixed a shut down bug while the system has no power
  • Resource Network
    • Added possibility to gradually match Resource Network resources when assigning items
    • Fixed an issue that caused Generator unit rates to change for no reason during test mode switches
    • Generated resources are now applied smoothly to resource networks instead of in large chunks
  • Replaced emote /maybe with new emote /dunno
  • Fixed an issue causing small camera movement when pressing the bind for "Rotate facing to up" when looking directly upwards
  • Fixed an issue that caused the location of the player to be lost if the player logs in when internet connection is unavailable
  • Fixed squished down icons in item shops
  • Added two new Material slots to Mining Backpack
  • Mining Backpack standard slots now support ore stacks up to 216kv
  • Fixed an issue that caused Station Storage to get completely locked if the player attempts to transfer ore from a ship that has none in it anymore
  • Updated Electronics Resource inventory icons
  • Demolition Job
    • Partially fixed an issue when there were no clearly visible ship sections left in the job area and the ship refused to clear
  • Added some updated and new translations to Russian, French and German
Missiles and Torpedoes
  • Added launch acceleration for missiles
  • Fixed an issue that caused the missiles to disappear when buying from the shop
  • Lock fields lock missiles when launched/in test mode
  • Missiles do not require power to be modified and launched
  • Removed TriggerRange from missiles
  • Torpedoes and missiles should no longer explode in a Safe Zone with "detonate"
  • Gravity should now always affect items
  • Moon City has been lowered, and should no longer float above the planet terrain from any of its sides
  • Fixed Waka Hinu ship description not displaying
  • Updated
    • Strannik
    • Catbox
    • Elyune
Ship Designer
  • Added Material Point Scanner under devices/utility
  • Added icons for auto snap
  • Changed Decals default visible-only selection option to disabled
  • Decal area selection now has an option to only select decals visible to the camera
  • Fixed Plate 15° End 288 cm (71 cm Beam) to include correct dimension in the name (Was Plate 15° End 144 cm (71 cm Beam))
  • Fixed an issue that caused Automatic thruster naming to no longer group connected Triangle thrusters
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Cargo Beam to remain turned on when the player visits Test Mode
  • Fixed an issue that caused the buy ship dialog to remain in "Free with voucher" mode permanently
  • Fixed an issue where MFC (Main Flight Computer) and FCU (Flight Control Unit) were generating numbers and sending their info in Edit Mode
  • Fixed buy dialog price not updating when material cost box values changed
  • Fixed buy dialog allowing clicking the "Yes" button even with insufficient materials or funds
    • Added message on the "Yes" button displaying the reason why purchase is not possible
  • Made module balls visible and selectable through hidden layers
  • Fixed an issue that caused Lot Transponders to not work
  • Player Station Transponder visibility can now be edited
    • Transponders are by default visible only to the Station owner
  • Added damage to tutorial shipwrecks
  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial UI was visible when the tutorial was paused
  • Fixed an issue which allowed the tutorial to be started with a key bind after the tutorial had already been completed
  • Fixed an issue with tool spawning during the Demolition tutorial
  • Fixed job terminals not being disabled correctly after relogging inside a job area with the tutorial active
  • Increased the amount of asteroids in Asteroid Mining job tutorial from 8 to 12
  • Prevented text overflow in tutorial quest objective window
  • Removed Tractor Beam that was connected to removed YOLOL chips
  • Removed objects that caused Buzzsaw to switch off when pointed at
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Mar 27, 2020
Can't wait for the torps and missiles to receive a little more love <3
a increased max speed on the torps and some form of gyroscope to measure angular velocity would go a long way in making them more viable in actual combat. Pure pursuit isn't really a viable guidance law when the torpedo is potentially slower than the target and we are working with the 0.2 YOLOL line execution delay. That's because when working with pure pursuit the torpedo just always turns directly towards the target. It tries to go where the target is and not where it will be. The error for which the torpedo has to correct grows exponentially the closer to the target the torpedo gets. so it has to perform extreme maneuvers right before it would hit the target in a optimal setup. But as we are working in a simulated environment with artificial imperfections our torpedo misses the target as it can't correct the sudden extreme errors it has to correct for when approaching the traget. Using some form a lead collision algorithm like proportional navigation by aiming the torpedo roughly where the target will be when the torpedo and target continue to travel in a straight vector accounting for linear acceleration can lead(no pun intended :p) to more accurate torpedoes hitting their moving target more frequently.

Implementing a proportional navigation algorithm would an easy task if we had some way of measuring angular velocity on the torpedo.

EDIT: We could technically already implement a ProNav algorithm without a gyroscope. It could work relatively well I just have not tested it properly yet. But it would be much less accurate than with a gyroscope. That's for sure
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