Update 17.2.2021 (Alpha 357)


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Sep 6, 2019

Update 17.2.2021 (Alpha 357)

New Features and Major Updates
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Known Issues
  • Remote explosives do not cause damage to missiles/torpedoes, unless they hit an explosive part, which then explodes the missile/torpedo
  • Station building issues are still being worked on

Patch Notes

  • Polished 3rd person melee animations
  • Polished 3rd person prone melee animations
    • Added an impact for the second swing
  • Fixed Base Structure Empty (Large) far-LOD position
  • Fixed gaps in walkways of multiple grid slots
  • Added directional arrows to the ladder assets
  • Updated Device Hardpoint model
  • Relocated a couple of colliding plates in Corner Slot A
  • Updated Fast Travel sounds
  • Modified music playlists for more relaxed feeling
  • Added new ambience sounds
    • Generator Unit
    • Small Rechargeable Battery
    • Terminal Screen
  • Updated Hit and electrical FX of Endo Hit effect
  • Fixed items from a non-group member's instance appearing briefly in the other player's instance
  • Increased Shotgun front reticle size so it is more visible
Interior Designer
  • Updated station base plate names
Missiles and Torpedoes
  • Remote Explosives now trigger missile and torpedo explosions
  • Fixed combined item search filtering not working properly in Station Storage
  • Fixed placement preview showing up as a regular object to other players (not as a hologram)
  • Fixed placement preview having collisions on the remote player side
  • Fixed placement distance being too far away
  • Fixed placing items to the universe and then picking them up creating invalid items to Inventory
Reconstruction Machine
  • Updated UI
  • Updated models and textures
  • Added battery level visualization
  • Added sound effect for adding Endoskeleton Parts Kits
  • Fixed framerate dropping severely near the asteroid belt fog during Fast Travel
  • Fixed being able to claim and despawn ships from Demolition Job
  • Fixed derelict claiming system deleting ships from the tutorial
  • Fixed derelicts near instancing areas ending up in a loading loop
  • Fixed propellant consuming even though the ship was stationary
  • Added fixes for rare crashes caused by cancelling an ongoing save
  • Continued ship thruster tech refactoring
Ship Designer
  • Changed "Advanced Tools" to "Visualization Tools"
Ship Shops
  • Fixed preview ship positions offsetting when using Insurance Transfer from faraway locations
  • Added new ship shops to Origin and Robur stations
    • Chemosh
    • Okim 3
  • Added new player-made ships to Chemosh ship shop
    • Chemosh Anku I, Chemosh Anku II and Chemosh Anku III by Messir
    • Chemosh Lamia I by Messir
    • Chemosh Linchetto by Messir
    • Chemosh Lycon I, Chemosh Lycon II, Chemosh Lycon III and Chemosh Lycon IV by Messir
    • Chemosh Zen I by Messir
    • Gnat by Foxerin
    • Gnat(L) by Foxerin
  • Added new player-made ships to Okim 3 ship shop
    • Axiom by Survivor
    • "Antares" Twin Frame Freighter by einar4050
    • Barrow72 by Mrroboto
    • Hopbox LCOT202 by Greatmatenate, Jakebender and Okim Industries [OKI]
    • Magnus II by Okim
    • TA13-0 "Usret" by Tyridan
  • Added new player-made ships to Rando ship shops
    • Chess In Space by FlufferNutters (Rando 3)
    • Claymore by Kodey (Rando 3)
    • Spirit by Kryostahl (Rando 1)
    • Wolf-2540-2 by Kodey (Rando 4)
  • Updated player-made ships
    • Buffalo
    • Kaiser
    • Marmot-24, Marmot-48, Marmot-72, Marmot-PS and Marmot-TNK
    • Messer
    • Momento
    • OKI "Mara" Ore Hauler
    • Stibnite
  • Moved player-made ships between ship shops
    • 10 Flying Arrow Stains the Sky Black from Rando 4 to Rando 3
    • Tabletka from Rando 2 to Chemosh
    • Vigo from Rando 3 to Chemosh
  • Removed player-made ships
    • Brynhildr A
    • Eikenskald A
    • Eydama A
    • Hanarr A
    • Hanarr B
    • Heretha A
    • Hildr A
    • Immatium
    • Immerius
    • Ironwing
    • Minima
    • Ridder
    • Speedstep
    • Walter
  • Updated Urchin description
  • Fixed some map parts failing to load to fully detailed models after returning from the asteroid belt and visiting other stations
Station Building
  • Fixed bolting items to a player station near a ship and then towing the ship causing part of the station to be towed as well
Station Designer
  • Fixed modules snapping into overlapping positions and thus failing the snap
  • Prevented moving station modules after something had been already built on them
  • Fixed typos in Settings menu, Ships tab and Ship Designer
  • Polished device tooltips in Machinery category
  • Edited Zero Gravity roll settings texts
  • Fixed items that had been bolted to player stations disappearing upon relog
  • Fixed Lever Handles and other interactable objects not being interacted while holding tools
  • Fixed Bolt, Cable and Pipe Tool indicators being displayed even when their actions were overridden by mouse interaction settings
  • Changed the tool aim point origin to camera instead of the barrel of the tool (Cable and Pipe Tool)
  • Improved performance when a tool is equipped
  • Bolt Tool
    • Fixed unbolting objects from stations causing unbolted objects to be created as derelicts on the stations
  • Remote Explosives
    • Fixed the explosives becoming invalid inventory items when picked up
    • Fixed the Detonator losing connection to already placed explosives if player logged out and logged back in
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