Update 26.5.2021 (Alpha 470)


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Sep 6, 2019

Update 26.5.2021 (Alpha 470)

New Features and Major Updates
  • Blueprint Filler
    • Attaches compatible parts to a blueprint automatically
    • The parts have to be near the blueprint that is being built
    • Located in Universal Tool's Blueprint tab
  • Ship Control and Asteroid Belt tutorials
  • Ignore list
Known Issues
  • Multicomponent objects (such as buttons and levers) cannot be used with Blueprint Filler
  • Ship blueprint may offset after the ship has been damaged, and cause large parts of the ship to be scrapped while using Blueprint Filler
  • Logging out deletes objects that are being moved by Blueprint Filler
  • Game crashes after disconnecting Resource Bridge if ore stacks were moved to the same slot in Ore Cargo Crates
  • Ignore list clears after opening CV menu

Patch Notes

  • Added generic aim up animation when looking upwards in 1st person
  • Added Mining Backpack animations when connected to a Resource Bridge
  • Added and updated prone lowered and prone Universal Tool animations
    • Handguns
    • Pickaxe
    • Rifles
    • Rocket Launcher
  • Fixed Gauss Rifle's extractor not animating properly
  • Polished 3rd person left side animations
  • Added Plasma Thruster warmup sounds
  • Prevented Audio Signal Devices playing more than one sound at a time
  • Fixed Cutting Tool failing to play audio for other players
  • Fixed tutorial objective completion sound not playing
  • Removed start and stop sounds from joints for now
  • Updated Asteroid Hauling slot LODs
  • Updated landing holograms
  • Updated Mining Backpack
  • Added medium bolt lengths to bolt profiles
    • Handle A
    • Small Rechargeable Battery
  • Removed extra holograms from Dynastar shop
  • Removed landing signs from multiple LODs
  • Restored Cargo Lock Frame's practical area to it's pre-refactoring size
    • Allowed slight intersections of the cargo and the carrying structure, enabling Ore Cargo Crates etc. to be snapped against the frame pieces with the field still being able to engage
  • Fixed exploit where parts could be printed to Station Storage in Spaceship Designer's Test Mode without using electricity
  • Fixed a Station Foundation Blueprint Projector crash
  • Fixed Laser Cannon VFX not carrying beyond 500 m
  • Updated and optimized Laser Cannon Hit and Shoot VFX
  • Fixed rubberbanding behaviour when flying low on the surface
    • Also addressed random jumps caused by area changes
  • Updated Company Ships window
  • Polished the profanity filter
Missiles and Torpedoes
  • Fixed missiles colliding with the launcher and breaking apart
  • Added "BoostDelay" and "BoostStrength" device fields to missiles
  • Optimized station LOD loading
  • Optimized asteroid field updating
  • Improved shadow model fading
  • Disabled volumetric property of flashlight
  • Fixed framerate dropping when unloading ships
  • Fixed Plasma Thruster damaging objects that were outside the thrusters
  • Fixed fuel disappearing when the ship was migrated to another host
Ship Designer
  • Fixed exiting Test Mode with a certain blueprint freezing the game
  • Added inventory icons for duct pieces
  • Added ignored players list to personal window -> Social menu
  • Added Easy Build Hall with refuel terminals to Origin (not yet functional)
  • Added Blueprint Filler to Universal Tool's Blueprint tab
    • Vacuums and attaches compatible nearby parts to a ship blueprint
  • Fixed Universal Tool reporting less than expected amount of ore in ore stacks
  • Fixed "Amount of received signals" not capping the total amount of visible ship transponder signals
  • Added new tutorial phases
    • Ship Control
    • Asteroid Belt
  • Added tutorial phase selection window to Cursor Mode
  • Added tutorial phase selection menu to Settings -> Gameplay -> Tutorials
  • Fixed hiding tool hint after completing tutorial
  • Fixed resetting the tutorial wiping the progress
  • Updated Repair Job tutorial reward to the new Laborer version
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