Update 30.7.2020 (Build 221) - Patch Notes


Community Manager
Sep 6, 2019
Update 30.7.2020 (Build 221)

  • Added placeholder animation states for Pickaxe when carrying objects
  • Pistol weapons no longer enter relaxed state during movement when activating the Universal Tool
  • Removed a conflicting Pickaxe Universal Tool related animation state
  • Updated generic 1st person ADS landing animation
  • Bolt Tool:
    • Increased bolt profile visibility range from 1m to 3m
  • Battle Rifle:
    • Adjusted position of reload effect to be closer to the magazine and slightly tweaked overall look
  • Bolter Gun:
    • Added unique shoot effect
  • Hit effect:
    • Added Voxel Glow light
  • Laser Turret:
    • Added a new hit effect
    • Changed texture used by the beam
    • Edited muzzle effect to better match Laser Rifle
  • Rail Gun:
    • Added a bit more powerful unique hit effect
    • Added hit light for more impact
    • Added impact light
    • Added more detail to smoke (while slightly reducing the amount)
    • Added more electrical charge to reload
    • Added a new charge effect
    • Adjusted electrical part to be more obvious from front and side
    • Made core projectile thinner and more defined/visible
    • Simple tweak to stop effects following the barrel
    • Small tweaks to sparks and debris
    • Tweaked the inner glow a little
    • Updated projectile to be visible from 1st person
    • Minor tweaks to balance the glow and electrical FX together
  • Repeater Pistol:
    • Minor adjustments to front (1st person) smoke
    • Minor adjustments to reload smoke effects
  • Rocket Launcher:
    • Reduced the smoke from being so black and also added a hit light
    • Updated the trail, less black smoke like and more thinner
Feedback Tool
  • Fixed being able to activate both the title and message text boxes at the same time
  • Added Autoreload feature for all weapons and tools
  • Fixed being able to stack items on back slot after placing an item on a backpack slot and removing it
  • Set player push Magnetic Boots disable time calculations to use relative speed and added speed threshold for keeping them disabled
  • Weapon effects (reload/idle/cooldown) are no longer spawned when swapping a weapon in hand
  • Edited and proofread all of the player-made spaceship descriptions
  • Added some missing holograms to Imperial Capital Station
  • Fixed a broken decal on Small Hall 10
  • Fixed a missing farlod mesh problem in Imperial Capital Station
  • Fixed decal bleeds and thinned-down unnecessarily thick decals from market station grid slot modules; hangar, upper alley and main hall
  • Made Kingdom HQ, Empire HQ and Proving Grounds transmitters static
  • Updated Hallway modules with lots of decal and deco alignment fixes
  • Updated lighting in Kite shop and added a few lamps