What if we had NPC stations buying stuff made or mined by players?


Veteran endo
Jun 25, 2021
Of all the things that are missing right now in this game, having a reason to transport goods from one station to another is probably one that is sorely missing. If we had, for example, a large NPC station buying stuff from the players (possibly selling back uncraftable items for player uses) would be a good way to stimulate activity in the game. Like you have to bring stuff to the station (not just craft and sell at a station terminal), so you need haulers making trips between origins or player stations. In turn, those ships create traffic that attract pirates, thus makes anti-piracy / ship escorts a thing. We could have several stations like that, each one having different needs and export different goods other stations (or players) may want...

I think this could make some economy going and be just as interesting as having station sieges.